Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (UCL) (Away) 2010-11 English Commentary HD 1080i

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Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (UCL) (Away) 2010-11 English Commentary HD 1080i

Download Link:!qIMH2IDa!bq79ieg_6A6z1ti-K8Wx0rxe65M1YSjFrLvwXXZrDYE

ITV English Commentary

Extra Information:

Match: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (UEFA Champions League Semi Final First Leg 2010-2011 Season) 27/04/2011

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LM says:

7:48 Best UCL goal ever and my favorite goal ever

Kauan Borge says:

Abençoado habilidades geniais.

EBHS00 says:

“It’s been ugly it’s been Messi” ?

Betcrisinho says:

Away from two three four wonderful wonderful wonderful! MESSI TE AMO COÑO E TU MADRE

Sabiol says:

that is legendary…

Maarten Vindevogel says:

"However brilliant each goal is, how much better each goal is than the one before, he goes and does it again"

Rahul Pathak says:

Where to watch full gameplay???

MGR says:


Paco beat says:

Jajajajajaja los hizo mierda a esos blanquitos

omc says:

I think 90% of credit on the second goal should go to Busquets for the super assist… lol

Luan Pimentel says:

Barcelona x juventus na final da ucl em 2019, e messi irá soltar tudo sua fúria para cima da Juventus VISCA BARÇA

Pauli Galtieri says:

“The catalan kings lead in madried and its him again “ music to my ears

Andres Morando says:

Take that Eugens. ?

Cesar Navarro says:


Sergio Acosta Pérez says:

2019 y ramos sigue sacando el brazo a pasear

bini melaki says:

He is very good player Messi but he is also very cheater always fail at the penalty area he wants free kick

Mevlüt Ateş says:

how good is he

Multipurpose Presenter says:

How dare people compare young messi with mbappe? What an insult. Greatest ever by mile

Sohanoor Reza Soash says:

That commentary on the second goal is the greatest commentary I have ever heard ?

EmSeeGurran says:

As a Messi fan that’s definitely not the best ucl goal ever. It has to be Mauro Bressans goal vs us

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