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Can we win it all?


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Song: Sappherios – Fragments
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Itz Techno says:

Funny the hosts are not in it

Danendra Putra says:

Where is number 59 ????

Gaming Explosion says:

WOW ♥ U said Bulgaria so good tho ♥♥

Jan Chobot says:

Those teams in WC, FIFA is so much broken. I am missing Nigeria, Senegal, Algeria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Ghana. They should add all international teams licensed or not, but with real players. It will be great to choose African qualification to WC, Sout american one or play Copa America or Championnat d'Afrique des nations.

Kuroro The Creator says:

It would be a good move to replace Kessie with Isco or Veratti

Jakub Kováč says:

Sell G. Jesus and Chiesa and sign Marco Asensio

Jakub Kováč says:

Try to buy Ndombele please

Olé! says:

bro you got cutrone. I dont think you need another world class striker

redion madani says:

milan in real life is out from Europa league and I mean u re best coach for AC MILAN now….LOL…

Abhishek 27 says:

India in the world cups?

Beatand TV says:

What do u thing about buying Insigne or Mbappe or Rashford ? For LW

Matteo Beltrame says:

you are incredibly good
forza Milan

Muhammad Syauqi Rahadian says:

Hey man can you put beard on ricci? I think that would look badass, and change his hair to blonde

Bruno B says:

Why you don't try PES 2019??

Bacsó Márk says:

Buy bernardeschi/deulofelu to the right wing
Bring el shaarawy home
Sell calhanoglu and castillejo
Sell ricci
And for the strikers bring someone world class like mbappe
But you should sign for another team in that career
Maybe arsenal or manchester united
And start building somewhere else

TIK TOK 2019 says:

U won everything with ac Milan,now u should do it more fun with buying some beast players I think mbappe

Daniel Beltran says:

I would say continue with another career mode, maybe UT, do you play UT? And upload this career mode less frequently for those who still want this, maybe only playing the important matches so it does not become slow. Anyway just an opinion my dude. Greetings from Mexico

Super Scouser says:

Into tears when saw India in World Cup ???

Monem On The Flux says:

Please don't stop Ac Milan career mode

Harri Hughes says:

I think you should sell Ricci because he too good to be a super sub, he should be playing 1st team football and not second fiddle to anyone (even Jesus). Even in Italy he was (for the majority of the competition) 3rd choice behind Belotti.

Dario Lopez says:

Estend the contract of cutrone and the other!

Mhammad Belarabi says:

Where r u from bro? Italy?

Dario Lopez says:

Buy the best players in the world!! Like Mbappe for attacking.. And i don't know the best players in the place in 2022

LaFlame98 says:

Hey what do you think of doing a road to glory on ultimate team with the goal to be making the best Ac Milan team and to also aim for a best of serie a team. That would amazing to watch! Keep up the good vids bro!

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