Robinho Milan 2010/2011 all goals HD

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Robinho had great season in Milan scoring 15 goals and showing some amazing skills…-Robinho 2010/2011 all goals and skills in Milan…

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I hope you guys enjoy the video!!



Иван Ротарь says:

Iicruta robinho 70

C says:

already scored 94 goals with the Santos F.C and the shirt will still score a lot, God willing he will soon return home. Santos !!!

C says:

Ae Robinho volta pra casa. Vc é Santastico.

carlinho78842 says:


10Robinho10Cro says:

@semangat45 The song name is in the description with the link 😉

John Smith says:

Someone please tell me the song name?!!!


Jackson Américo says:

Robinho na dancinha dos hawaianos

Christian Santos says:

ok.. 2:02 Robinho says = " go home son "
hahahahaha ! Good video bro 🙂

Gustavo Saval says:

Robinho isn't the best player in the world, but he sure is part of AC Milan and this excelent team is the Champion of Italy in part because of him, he has failed to impress this year, but he is a rossoneri, forza Robinho

Thrillseeker8922 says:

Fantastic video! Well done. 🙂

10Robinho10Cro says:

@marcelo06 Tnx 🙂

Marcelo83 says:

Really enjoyed watching this and loved the music too…. Great vid thanks for taking the time to do it 😉

10Robinho10Cro says:

@hdiddy14 No, thank you buddy 😉

10Robinho10Cro says:

@nani17ROoney10 I will man,tnx 4 the comment 😉

10Robinho10Cro says:

@Z1lly Tnx man!!

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