ac milan world superstars

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a video of ac milan the best in the world


Kevin Moreno says:

man kaka was my favorite player of the modern world…and hes left us…i will miss him. have fun with madrid but we will never forget what u did for us in Milan. That spells disaster for Milan we have no player to replace him.

zaphoh16 says:

Ultrabeat – Better Than Life

daniel ibar vera lemus says:

siempre milan. el campeon mas grande del mundo

Anders Bjerva says:

what is the song name?


Raven Crow says:


P Wright says:

just cant stop loving milan ! <3

RKHOBO says:

I liked this a lot but I would have liked to have seen more Pirlo and when you showed the Azzurri, you should have shown the 6 Milan players right away who played on the Azzurri too.

Adam Houghton says:

why do you even comment if you think they suck. why did you even fucking watch?

rividizd says:

Great team Great players.

But Milan will need to buy some new blood soon. Most of their players are in the 30s…

rbrtmm says:

i just love this video. good work! Also, I think the song is amazing. Can you tell me what song is it and who sings it? thanks.

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