Juventus 2-1 Milan | Kean Strikes Again and Grabs a Late Winner! | Serie A

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Juventus came from behind to secure 3 more points and move ever closer to the Serie A title

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Alex Morales says:

Penalti com una catedrale

Darth Vader says:

Mandzukic makes a spectacular bicycle kick effort. Pepe Reina tips over the bar at full stretch. Dybala and Kean win it.
In the CL, though, I feel that Ronaldo is not the right person for Juventus. He can't fit in with Dybala, Mandzukic, and Pjanic. We need to get someone who actually knows about teamwork. Who will let Pjanic take the free kicks. Who will give leadership to Chiellini and Mandzukic. Etc

Hüseyin Ahmet Balaban says:

resmen milanın hakkı yenmiş

christian straker says:

as a new fan of juventus my favourite player is dybala

Kemal Leyhan says:

Milanın verilemeyen penaltısı için gelen Türk kardeşlerim 0.59 🙂

Ibrahim Incesu says:

Var only works who ever ref is supporting


Hakem de az orosbucocuğu değil ha

ismail aykut says:

Hakem türk galiba:))

Kadir Reyiz says:

Bgy den geliyom

Efe OKUR says:

Bu aq hakeminin gözüne maçtan önce boşalmıştım ondan görememiş

GTR13 F says:

Not The Right Referres For This Game !

Kergit Soylusu says:

Milan always loses Juventus.

김반석 says:

refree gave juve a victory..
It look like sily dicision for milan



The gaming T-rexes says:

Juventus for the win Italia

Qoqo Odena says:

Juventus win because the referee, againt!!!

raymi9612 says:

It's not about who is the best in Serie A, because it is Juventus at this moment, obiously. But we did deserve atleast a point from this game, but Juventus are being favoured by the refs even now when they do not need it. It's a total disgrace.

julie nasser says:

which team has most feraris

juninho Casas says:

Juventus has always been a corrupt club.

abdalla abdulrahman says:

I think VAR was for Juventus side of that day not for Milan

Cup Cream says:

Owwww RONALDO ???

Katie Pickett says:

Milan was all over them Juventus showed a terrible performance

onyque12 says:

juve conspiracy…
again, again and again boringgggggg

N Q8 says:




Denis Rybin says:

Ronaldo +++++++

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