AC Milan 60 goals 2009-2010 ;).avi

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AC Milan 2009-2010 wszystkie 60 goli strzelone w lidze! 😉


Ana Jovanovic says:

Che Milannnnn

P. Lokeshwor says:

Alexander Pato the Unsung 😭

Rizky Harisandy says:

it look so easy to had a goal :'(

حسين الميلاني الميلانستا الاوفياء says:

ميﻻن عمﻻق أوروبا وسيعود

Mang Naulak says:


Lyncoln Richy says:

Borriello scored some insane goal OMG

Lyncoln Richy says:

Back when ac Milan was still fierce

Lyncoln Richy says:

Chelsea had pato for a time 3yrs ago wonder why they let him go he wud have done a better job than what morata is doing now over in chelsea damn right

Nico nico says:

musique pourrie encore et toujours…

Ardianhaxha Ardi says:

forza milan forever❤❤❤❤❤⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

manuel casali says:

Ronaldinho 12 goal and 17 assist

Sole Nero says:

Che video di merda 700 replay x ogni gol

LFCDiablo says:

world class borriello 🙂

Michael Jackson says:


Niksa 1 says:

Name of the songs playing??????Exept for the anthem and cuore rossonero

Vincenzo Nigro says:

AC Milan 60 goals 2009-2010 ;).avi

Alex HD says:

Sto piangendo…mamma mia che milan questo, non quello di adesso…D:

raymi9612 says:

ronaldinho the playmaker, pato the finisher, nesta and thiago silva de defense anchors

Bosnian Knight says:

why music? it ruined the video…

methodmj says:

Ronaldinho + Pato .

Qasim Shah says:

These are the milan days. Beast players! Ronaldhino the king of skills was the key and main man. 

nico81081 says:

questo si che era un milan!

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