Ibrahimovic Amazing Goal – AC Milan vs Brescia {3-0) 4/12/2010

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Ibrahimovic Amazing Goal – AC Milan vs Brescia {3-0) 4/12/2010

Wonder goal, dempsey shot, fastest strike ever fastest shot ever, zlatan ibrahimovic goal against brescia 1-0 2-0 3-0 AC Milan vs. Brescia {3-0} Full goals and highlights


Ollinho says:

Man I miss that season

Maté Chocoláte says:

don't lie

Harrison Antonopoulos says:

i agree with the commentator.

b dons says:

@TheRealDeadly comment proves you don't watch him play that often

Toola Kaboola says:

thats not something you see often… ibrahimovich running.

J C says:

فوتوشوب ؟ هههههههه وربي غبي , الفوتوشوب للصور يآ لآطـه

hilal barakzai says:

Arsenal is cooked

Joseph Perez says:

@Pesh01 it would be even easier

Runoh says:

@Pesh01 yes

Pesh01 says:

I wonder if he would be able to that in the box in Premier League


Amazing Gol – Ibrahimovic is the Best – . 1 : Zlatan Ibrahimovic . 2 : Ronaldinho

David Zamarripa says:

he kicks the ball…. fucking HARD

qatarforlife says:

@SuperMaxSauce I am Arab and i understand you. I want peace but peace can't happen when people disagree with others.

qatarforlife says:

@SuperMaxSauce what country you live in

qatarforlife says:

@SuperMaxSauce sorry to hear that.

qatarforlife says:

@SuperMaxSauce what did arabs do to you.

Tuplabotti says:

@iplayfifaonline hahah messi is fantastic, what are you talking about? just scored 2 goals vs santos. Lol, Ibra sucks nowadays, I think that's what you meant

chubbywubby1138 says:

Call me crazy, but he is probably the best in-form striker right now.

Ho Lam says:

he absolutely needs to see a doctor

GreatAlexander10 says:

I just love Ibra he dont stop him nothing…Best striker easily.

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