Luis Suarez – Perfect | Liverpool FC | 2010-2012 | HD

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1-4 2-4 3-4 4-4 5-4 6-4 7-4 8-4 9-4 10-4
1-5 2-5 3-5 4-5 5-5 6-5 7-5 8-5 9-5 10-5
1-6 2-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 6-6 7-6 8-6 9-6 10-6
1-7 2-7 3-7 4-7 5-7 6-7 7-7 8-7 9-7 10-7


4490red says:




Owen May-Jones says:

Learn to spell then maybe

Owen May-Jones says:

OH. so your mexican… ok this conversations over.

Owen May-Jones says:

no one gives a fuck what you say because your a yank… anyway prove suarez is racist.

patrick maguire says:

FUCK u . suare is legand

jorge R.B. says:

hey, the song is : "fuckin' perfect" by Pink…exelente.

andreas johannessen says:

Good man very good

Coutinho says:

Hope Suarez dances infront of Evra next time we beat them.

Jonathan Spielberg says:

Bet Player in ages for Liverpool

Eegii LFC says:

love him so much , this guy is something isn't he?

andika prasetia says:

what is the sound track of the video?

Ezequiel Cardozo says:

11 think he's a racist and they are wrong ok

nitin jain says:

you can hate him you can love him but you cant ignore him

TheNextTorres9 says:

love suarez !

SuperLfc8gerrard says:

whats your problem…?

Esi W says:

Son of a bitch

Fox 4 says:

His career at Liverpool has, to me, become more admirable than the typical "saviour/hero" that we've seen before. Those usually ride an inevitable wave of triumphs. Luis, on the other hand, has chosen to stay with Liverpool during one of its all-time darkest and difficult eras to try to bring the club back on the right track. Like Martin Jol said (during Suarez's time at Ajax): "He's one of those rare players who values loyalty over success".

J TV says:

hes not racist

Andres AFV says:

luis suarez el pistolero !!!!!!!!! el que hizo olvidar al traidor del niño…

Jad nejmeway says:

9 dislikes .. it is man u players

The normal one says:

I dont think any of you could do what he did against manchester united.

george mastoris says:

Please with the stupid comment. Suarez is loved by all the liverpool fans. He has done nothing but help the team . without him liverpool would have surely finished below top 10. He has played amazing every game that i have watched him. i honestly cannot remember a bad game he has had. What you need to do is fuck off

zie armstrong says:

6 dislikes are evra,ferguson,howard webb,rafael,gill,and FA

Oldsniper wolfy says:

Brilliant video. Luis Suarez is going to be a LFC great? Evra will have more hate then he can handle soon!

arnvir singh says:

Suarez <3 <3 <3

arnvir singh says:

for me is Luis Suarez the best player Suarez for liverpool he is important.

Jack Dewar says:


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