Barcelona vs Manchester United 3-1 – UCL Final 2011 – Full Highlights HD

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Ferdi Anto says:

Ferguson ✌️ losse ???

Dane Crandon says:

I love how there is no commentary or shitty YouTube music!

Edward 2012 says:

This 2011 Barca squad vs 2008 Man Utd squad, who would win?

Muhammad Soleh says:

Van der sar

Jorge Fernández Trabucco says:

Grande, Barça!
Victoria sin el gran Puyol, y con el tronco de Mascherano.

El Kensuke Viendo Coreanas Jugando Al Parchís says:

3:10 vaya jugada

Fernando Gomez says:

5:54 fue la umica vez que chicharito la tocó

Muneeb Ali says:

Does anyone know the goal tune?

Leo Lara says:

where was Chicharito in this game?, only Rooney played for MaU

Xxbamafan says:

This shows how good of a manager Alex Ferguson was. After Ronaldo left he took United to the final with chicharito, fletcher, carrick, Valencia and ji sung park to a final

Ivan Drago says:

Best team ever. And with spanish/catalan players.

Jiren The gray says:

I remember this game Manchester United is not even capable of taking the ball from Barça lmao, in 2009 atleast they had occassions

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