Juventus 0-3 Manchester United Part 1

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Patrick Innocent says:

When united was united always playing attacking football no back pass to the keeper

Ridhuan Abu Bakar says:

Juve only source of attack were crosses

João Porfírio says:

O'Shea surrounded by random players…

rokan1220 says:

MU did nothing but waited for lucky

Great 28 says:

Man utd. best home kits

excluyousivite says:


"A rather weary one from Conte" lol, exactly what happened to Viera and Giggs in 1999 FA Cup Semi final

Dan Fernandes says:

Roy Keane 5:15 lol ?

Peter Wood-Jenkins says:

JUVENTUS a bunch of cheats like most euro teams BUT they had bad luck in this match against one of the best MAN U sides ever

Tejuan Farrell says:

Glorious Vintage Giggs!!

Mario Balotelli says:

Ma che bel risultato ?

The Sprawl says:

11:41…anyone notice the similarity(at least at the start of this goal) to the famous Giggs goal in the FA Cup semi vs Arsenal, treble season? It's even the same kind of pass from the Juve player in this match, as the Vieira pass that gave the ball to Giggsy in that match…same part of the pitch, same direction.

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