Real Madrid Veterans vs Milan Glorie (4-3)

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The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium held the Corazon Classic Match 2010 between veterans of Real Madrid and AC Milan. The match was of a charitable nature, aiming to get funds for research of sudden death syndrome.


Jordan Luevanos says:

What the name of the first song?

pik man says:

grates players and club. they're most sucesfull club in the world. FORZA MILAN and HALA MADRID…

Andrea Bello says:

boban che passa a rui costa!!! Fantastico!!!

matt-IRM says:

name of the first song?

ImEyderex says:

in this kind of games it doesn't matter who wins it's a joy to see these legends play again

Cake Music says:

Zidane vs Maldini!!!!omg

Yáhuar Huácac says:

How badass would it be to see Gabriel Batistuta step on the pitch with a Milan jersey during the game!!!!

Yáhuar Huácac says:

It wasnt such a harsh rival as it is now. Back then it was a classic game that everyone liked watch. Now its just a blood match because the media has put both teams on a pedestal. Not gonna lie tho, ever since Messi and Cr7 started playing for Barca and Real I got sick of seeing them play. I wish both of them left and they picked up players like Robinho, Pato, Drogba, Falcao, Muller, etc. At least with those people the game would have more respect.

Yáhuar Huácac says:

I dont care what anyone says… best game I ever watched HANDS DOWN was when Ronaldo (the real one) Zidane, Figo, and Guti played Manchester United at Old Trafford for Champions League 2002/2003. We had the cops called on us twice because we were screaming so loud. So glad I was around to see such a legendary game!!

CrazyDiamond says:

rui costa!!!

AmirShiningStar says:

GOD, Just seeing the number 5 shirt with zidane's name on it gave me chills.

HitmanJ says:

It's amazing how those older players manage to be in better shape and play so much better than lots of young players out there

Dion Gashi says:

where is 2nd goal

animeluvr says:

jajaja "vamos a cojerlo antes de k entre al area"
juego chidota estaba chida ver a maldini

Tini Tba says:

I remember every single of these players playing their professional careers… is sad how years pass so fast !!

NearsL says:

@Simpson009 do they do this all the time?

NearsL says:

@Simpson009 do they do this all the time?

NearsL says:

how old is this game? is this early 2010?!?

MetalHeadRossoNeri1 says:


vjaroz says:

wow, thank you for the uploading. they really are special players. especially rui costa and zidane.

agge8220 says:

Where is the second goal??

gorilla says:

ehhehe pretty nice, was this a seruis game? or did they just lead real win because its their home???

therastamets says:

real madrid the legend… i luv real madrid….

ellExcalibuR says:

me la perdi por la tele gracias

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