Enter in the red&black history, discover Mondo Milan Museum | AC Milan Official

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Visit Casa Milan and discover Mondo Milan museum, a place telling the AC Milan legend like never before! Get the chance to be part of the Club history and enjoy an interactive experience, powered by Google+, that will take you straight to AC Milan glory http://museum.acmilan.com/en/Interagisci. Buy your ticket and come visit us, Mondo Milan is in Milan, on via Aldo Rossi 8 http://museum.acmilan.com/en/tickets

Visita Casa Milan e scopri il museo Mondo Milan, un luogo che racconta la leggenda rossonera come mai prima d’ora! Potrai entrare a far parte della storia del nostro Club grazie all’esperienza interattiva, powered by Google+, che ti porterà nel cuore della gloria del Milan. http://museum.acmilan.com/it/Interagisci!
Compra il biglietto e vieni a trovarci, Mondo Milan si trova in via Aldo Rossi 8, a Milano http://museum.acmilan.com/it/Biglietti

This is the official Youtube channel dedicated to A.C. Milan with live streaming, videochat, interviews, match highlights, exclusive videoclips and much more.

Website: http://www.acmilan.com/
Casa Milan Website: https://www.acmilan.com/casamilan
Season Tickets: http://www.acmilan.com/abbonamenti/
Store: http://store.acmilan.com/

Official Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/acmilan
Webtv: http://milantime.acmilan.com/

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AC Milan says:

Have you already visited the Mondo Milan Museo? Get the chance to be part of the Club history and enjoy an interactive experience #weareacmilan http://bit.ly/1uVerGC

Hai già visitato il Museo Mondo Milan? Potrai entrare a far parte della storia del nostro Club grazie all'esperienza interattiva #CasaMilan http://bit.ly/1rY94S0

Giuseppe Damiani says:

Con le spese folli della nostra scqudra .faremo anche quest anno molta strada.

TheHavarija says:

enough with f..king history Milan…you know,we are not finished yet

sparta white says:

allora i servizi sulle imprese americane dei "biscotti al plasmon non siamo pippe è colpa di seedorf boys"?niente?le partite vere erano con renate e monza capisco

Manolo Jiménez says:

today we can only live with the past, actual team is a shit but still supporting

Casciavit says:

FUCK OFF with this bullshit to distract us and but some good players

surensalh says:

Iam starting to hate AC MILAN..dont show us what you have done in the past .. NOW we need players to make history NOW
Right NOW
Fuck off

thciswack99 says:

lmao and your destroying our history by being cheap fucks even our youtube channel isn't as good as fuckin parma. world football is laughing at our club please #sellacmilan #gallianiout #barbaraout

Ali Alsharqi says:

What the hell is this why does the clup spend so much money only for shit thinks like museum. why not buying some football stars it's a football clup right! if Milan will stay like this than it will be a worst year worst than last year maybe we will gonna finish in the 10th place i don't want it because i am a milan fan. STOP SPENDING MONY FOR THE SHIT THINKS!!!

Youssef Hamila says:

What about mercato ?

AC Milan says:

Enter in the red&black history, discover Mondo Milan Museum! #CasaMilan   #weareacmilan  

Entra nella storia rossonera, scopri il Museo Mondo Milan! http://www.casamilan.acmilan.com 

beatsnextdoor says:

dislike everything this channel uploads until they buy players

Dragon Glace says:

nice history great . now buy good players

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