FIFA 19 | Inter Milan vs FC Barcelona – UEFA Champions League (Full Gameplay Xbox One X)

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*champions league anthem is muted to avoid copyright*
FIFA 19 – Inter Milan vs FC Barcelona
Full HD Champions League Gameplay Xbox One X 60fps
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Recorded with Elgato Game Capture HD60 S


foudil sahnoune says:

jai aimer ta video.

Faizal Albasithu says:

not playstation logo

Laurens Gravesteijn says:

Xbox one fifa advertising for playstation in the ucl

PUBG LaZ says:

my profile icardi 4 goals

Marco Fancello says:

Inter Barcellona 1-1
Not 0-1 :/

Balázs Malik says:

no umtiti no messi no vidal in the starting 11

crazy says:

But now we have to play without the king Leo ??

유한나선생님 says:

위닝처럼 챔피언스리그 똑같네요.

victor xyz123_xyz456 says:

0:40 to 1:02 wtf are those player faces and those ugly cloth physics??? They look like cartoons.

victor xyz123_xyz456 says:

This game is too cartoonish.Ugly asf.I thought this is fifa19??

Ali Annor says:

Its so hard for being a Barca fan playing FIFA 19, because the faces look like FIFA 16. ?

Harsh Rathod says:

Your attack is shit as you are lol…

Daniel Vitti says:

Muita gente está dizendo que esse é o pior FIFA dos últimos anos, eu particularmente gostei, mas não posso comparar aos outros, porque só comprei um vídeo game da nova geração a pouquíssimo tempo

Yahia Guebli says:

FIFA "Sucks" ??

xristos Mirwnitis says:

fifa is totaly shit horrible faces look so fake pes is real game fuck fifa

Bayu Firmansyah says:

stadium san siro?

Karim Aziz says:

Niveau debutant hahahah

Tarek Mridul says:

why the lights are so blue !!!

Paco Alcácer Alcácer-Tema says:


Paco Alcácer Alcácer-Tema says:

#FCBarcelona #Messi #Ronaldo #Neymarjr #Mbappe #chmpions leuge #UEFA

Sergio Solana Gonzalez-marron says:

Vamos barca

Leon T says:

Play 5 games of PES 19, then play this video and just watch the Inter defenders. This is the year I decided to switch to PES and I must admit I'm having so much fun being able to control the play much more as well as not playing against potatos 🙂

دعاء دعاء says:

Forza Inter

Jucky Lucky says:

Hala Barcelona

Dhyanjyoti Sharma says:

No fucking face updates of Barcelona players

Rap Yourbae says:

Amazing graphics ?

Cak Evan says:

PES 2013?

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