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Only one player dared to say no to Sir Alex’s Manchester United AND to Real Madrid… And this player bleeds for one team: AC Milan.

Paolo Maldini is considered one of the best defenders in football history, and he is particularly appreciated for the loyalty he showed to AC Milan throughout his career. For him, it would have been dishonorable to betray his family’s crest.

Discover more about Maldini, who is probably the most faithful player of all time!


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Brooklyn Bourne says:

Like Maldivian

Joseph Foley says:

Yashins also pretty loyal

Francesco De Filippis says:

Guy:"He is the only one to refuse Man U and Real"
Del Piero:"Am I a joke to you?"

Naufal Taufiqul says:

Maldini had more champions league trophies than Fergie, Lol

Jake Luker says:

The goat of defence what a player

Milad Masoumi says:

Ronaldo would’ve fuck his career up in both United and Madrid

Mattij87 says:

No way.. Maldini played for a big big club in that time. Totti is the most loyal ever.

paul capaccio says:

Totti was the only one who could make an entire stadium and city cry when when his day came to step down . He was truly loved because he loves them ! Thanks for keeping us all young. Our capitano per sempre !

Richard Were says:

Paolo Maldini on Phone to United : I am MILAN!!!
Alexis Sanchez on phone to United: I am $$$$$$$$$$


Adit Shah says:

The greatest defender of all time

Rahat Ahmed says:

And that's y ac Milan at now is a poor club

ramzan bahadurzaev says:

Totti, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol and Messi who Spain die to have in their national squad would have something to say on this!


mbappe entered the video as a goalkeeper in 2:21…..?

M SADEED Ali says:

How about totti

Humantorch says:

Best player in the world.

Matteo Ciaramella says:

The way you told the story about my fav player and fav club gave me chills

Nick M says:

United didn’t sign Milan first teamers during Ferguson’s tenure, full stop. Talking as though AC Milan were some kind of plucky underdog. They were a better side than united throughout almost all of the 90s

rohit gupta says:

Last time you said, only totti rejected real madrid.

KC Stinger says:

Totti also rejected real Madrid

Khaled Abu Omar says:

Oh my goal, do what the hell happened to Gigi Buffon.

Homie Agha says:

24 years as a senior player!!!yet they booed him??

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