FIFA 12 Gameplay #20 [Ac Milan vs Barca]

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video by gazzarfc1231

FIFA 12 Demo Details!

Demo will be available on 13th of September!

player skills fifa 12

FIFA 12 Demo Teams:
AC Milan

FIFA 12 Demo Stadia:
Eithad Stadium — Man City (Day and Dry weather options)

FIFA 12 Demo Match Time:
3 Minute Halves

FIFA 12 Demo Tutorials:
Standing Tackle
Sliding Tackle
Running Jockey
Team mate Contain
Push Pull


Bri Corley95 says:

im sure you can change the nets just go to settings and visual

Braiddy kennedy says:

2:20 – 2:30 nuff said.
im buying this game…good or fuking buying it.

yayarea141 says:


Woord the carboard fans piss me off

Chico AIK says:

@PettRamn Can only agree with the fans

masterchipDVB says:

@PettRamn 1 fifa 11 already haves different goal nets

TheAvestor says:

@xkiller3456 it is idiot…. did you not see the more realistic tackles…. maybe its not the biggest change, but its a change, and even blind people can see it….

Gennaro Gattuso says:

yay they fixed ibra's hair

oOm4ntr4Oo says:

why they not use the new defence system?

robin kung says:


bentonomo says:

pes is shit

luuk bouts says:

@FNnoob80001 hmmm , and the NEW Qatar shirt sponsor then??? 2011 right ?

paul mclaren says:

The defending looks wayyyy better, instead of all the pressure abuse, game looks easier to pull skill moves off now.

Robert Goff says:

@earnshaw1991 in what part did i say i wanted 3d i just thought they should of made it a little different.

Elirym says:

@FNnoob80001 You are retarded aren't you…

tocoolcar says:

Samurai Ibra 😀 Finally EA fix his hair

iMilansta says:

@RiQ363 this is one of the best fifa 12 gameplay i've seen so far cause they changed the appearance of Ibra now he has a ponytail like in real life. Could you please tell me whats the camera view? it doesnt look like tele. is it dynamic?

saeed moradian says:

get the liverpool stats please !!

RichG-NG8 says:

@LILXREGXBOI1 Its a football pitch and a football, wtf do you want it to be in 3D or something ? :/

Lejla Memisevic says:

2.25. what a miss!

JenksLeeds says:

Show faces:)

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