PES 2010 – AC Milan vs Barcelona – Review Code : 89 % Build

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PES 2010 – AC Milan vs Barcelona – Review Code : 89 % Build


AJ Roidleh says:

@alve13 What makes you think I can't read my own comment? Your replys don't make sense.

alve13 says:

@Ism0Lait3la I'm a moron? I think you can't even read you're own comment you stupid fuck. You think not to far a head is it?

AJ Roidleh says:

@alve13 You are a moron. Did you even read my comment? I said Pes has NICE GRAPHICS. But the GAMEPLAY looks unrealistic. I play fifa and I think Pes has better graphics but worse gameplay.

AJ Roidleh says:

First, Pes looks very good! Nice graphics! But when the game started, the play looked very unrealistic and that is why Fifa is better.

clashcityrocker122 says:

that looks so unrealistic

Rmzizou says:

you are a disgrace to football you fucking american pos

Arslan El-Saka says:

@gaby25z3ro and eedorf has strong leg on shoting from far distance and this is an advantage in all milan team eedorf pato rilo ronaldinho even beckham … i joined him in my team

AJ Roidleh says:

After all the ratings I have seen, I'll buy Fifa 10. The ratings clearly say that Fifa 10 is this year much better than Pes. I also heard that there is coming something update to fifa 10 soon to make it even better.

ChuckKiller testa says:

why u watch go watch a "fifa" video if u dont appriate real gaming and real ball phsycs and good firm gameplay not like fifa players like noodles.

have you ever seen 1 different type of goal in fifa???? THINK NOT
in pes u dont always bash into the net rapidly u use skill or dive(makes the game more realistic)
wow and have you ever noticed the players look like wax…
and look, pes ghraphics from 5 cm away look like a photo
and when u look at it normaly it looks 99.99% real

ChuckKiller testa says:

yes!!!!!! i finally bought pes 2010! it rocks beleive me

steelflexy says:

one day left

mufcsledge says:

no fifa humilhates its self with its shit game

Besnik De Zosa says:

i too ….. yes ^^ 22.oktober

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