AC Milan's main goal is to return to the UEFA Champions League next season – Fabio Borini | Serie A

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AC Milan forward Fabio Borini chats with ESPN FC’s Matteo Bonetti about his role under new head coach Marco Giampaolo, his versatility in attack, how he would compare Serie A and the Premier League, his expectations for his side this season and much more.


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Mohammad Sahlan says:

jangan lupa mampir ke chanel kita juga ya.

Mohammad Sahlan says:

jangan lupa mampir ke chanel kita juga ya.

Jefuri Hartono says:

What a rare thing to happen.O_O A proper interview toward Serie A player. Hope for more of this things Matteo.^_^

Marcin Ziółkowski says:

1:03 – 69 in bed with wife

Division Monday says:

Am happy to see you in Italy

AC Milan Blog 1899 Channel says:

Box to box midfielder is the best position for Borini just like he played against Bayern. He’s not talented but he’s a hard worker and he can defend and can support in the attack and this what you need from a box to box player. I think he would make a good backup for Kessie

Xander Croes says:

The italian Thomas Muller!

Lakhram Ramnauth says:

Better English than Kane

The Batman Channel says:

is this ruben neves brother?

Saltire says:

Get that number 7 off your arms Milan, you should only wear it when you are in the bloody Champions League!

Where Are You Now says:

They Been saying that for the last 4 years ?


Perhaps it's the fact that they had such a legendary side that a time of downturn was inevitable. From Seedorf to Gattuso to Kaká to Pirlo to Weah, they will have a period where they need to reacquire names that will go into the record books. Same with Arsenal, same with Man United, periods of dominance will be followed by periods of ineptitude.

Kabelo Maragelo says:

Does Matteo know Italian?

Remz 04 says:

AC Milan, the Italian Manchester United

Kezzaboy says:

It's sad what AC Milan have become in the last 7 years. They should be competing for the Serie A and Champions League every year, but instead they can't even win a Coppa Italia.

sami anichel says:

BENNACER will be gold for AC MILAN

Ceem Play says:

Love Borini. Injury free is a top player

new york city says:

myyyyy Ac Milan comeback ??

Nash Sako says:

Shitttt player ever

Sanch Milly says:

Buy mbappe and rebuild the team!!!

LVG's Red Army says:

Matteo always talks trash about borini lmao, this is too funny.

uhlsport says:

Can we get a reaction from Stevie when Matteo compared EPL and Serie A 😀

Hail Cesar says:

Milan are a bunch of flops

Marian M says:

Am I the only one who thinks they should change their logo? It really looks outdated.

Marian M says:

I wish Milan returned to it’s former glory but I don’t know how.

ajwasp says:

God he’s done well. He was playing for Sunderland FC, now in the third division, and to quote him, he is now playing in one of the biggest clubs in the world. Amazing! Brendan Rodgers signed him for Liverpool as a striker back in the day too.

heck says:

I hope they will bankrupt dirty fuckers milan merda

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