Manchester United need a manager like Max Allegri – Don Hutchison | Premier League

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With Manchester United languishing in eight place in the Premier League, ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison explains why former Juventus and AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri is the kind of coach United need, not Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


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sup Gee says:

The entire structure needs to change, I think Ole was always supposed to be a stop gap to steady the ship until they got something together behind the scenes, but the results are now accelerating the changes needed, wouldn’t be surprised to see Allegri appointed, Carrick and McKenna out and with Louis campos coming in as director of football

p 28 says:

Craig's right.
You get a manager THEN he gets his players.
It's not happened that way since Fergie left.

Knight Oyin says:

Chevrolet already pulled out of their shirt sponsorship deal, so the off the field fallout has began. Allegri needs to be brought in ASAP. Ole is clueless.

Check Mate says:

max allegri goes to man city as manager

shaid H says:

ole has sold lakaku fellaini Sanchez Herrera all big name players the truth ole not manage big players it's like some teachers not manage at high school prefer teach nursery kids where assert there authority

Zack X89 says:

You think Changing Ole with Allegri will make united improve??? its the players who needs to go..

sHOTTA says:

Who would you rather have? Alegri untested in the PL or Jose, a serial winner?

Bima Kathanta says:

Ermmmm, allegri is kinda like mourinho in term of strategy. Man utd fans will not like it even if he deliver results. Coz why? Coz the moment they see man utd lose under allegri, they will see a veryyyyy bad looking way of play and lose. Its gonna get very ugly. The fans wont have the patience for that.

My way or the highway king says:

So sign a defensive manager . Then , blame him for playing a defensive football.

Kevin Senyungule says:

The only good thing for man utd fans is that other 'big teams' apart from city and liverpool are still figuring out some sort of problem /not playing that great.

sean vassallo says:

Couldn't advance in the champions league with one of the best teams in Europe but he's one of the best managers apparently.Same with Milan gave him the best players won Serie A, next year comes second with basically the same team.

Debye FIFA says:

Only Jurgen Klopp can save manu…. no1 else

Im a Worm Before I am a Man says:

Well, he's one of a few if not the only great manager who still free. And maybe Wenger. MU needs complete overhaul, just like Juventus after calciopoli. Difference is MU has the money and now they needs a well known manager to attract world class players

Kevin Suraj says:

They made a mistake by sacking Jose Mourinho…

Wishva krish says:

Oh god
How many times????
It’s not about manager
It’s about lacking personality among players
Even sir Alex Ferguson can’t change

Godfrey Randall says:

Don were the same people who said ole was the man for the job

Even Odd says:

These discusions will still be going on in 10 years time

André Frederico says:

No they don't, don't be silly. United needs a new board and new sporting director. Allegri is good for Italy and that is it.

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