Alvaro Morata is a piece of shit! – Latest transfer news A.c Milan

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Dwayne k27ism says:

Fucking hell, this channel is more shittier, doesnt even know what Franck Kessie looks like!
The editor must be a salty Milan fan who is pissed Morata wont join!

bydurzini says:

But for now i hope Suso stay in Milan

bydurzini says:

I think Andrea Belotti is not the best ST thath Milan can buy
-The really ST thath all want is Abaumeyang
-but for now the priority is to buy Conti .

-by a A.C Milan fan ❤️???

Klint Kazazi says:

ALVARO MORATA is a peace of shit Milan is offering him to make him a legend insted he wants to be on the bench at Real madrit well fuck you Milan will be great again and will show to everyone that champions leage is in our DNA

Alanda Sakah says:

That's Michael Essien not Frank Kessieh

Thë ČrâzZÿ MïlanØ says:

forza Milan … ?? keep on going you'r great !!

Jawad H says:

I dont get why people are amd about morata, he is so overratde for never to have even been a regular starter in any team,
he was behind tevez in the order in juventus and behind all the strikers in real. Glad we avoid mercenarys.

Hartantiyo Reskhi says:

belloti 70m + niang kucka, is that right?

Indar Prianto Tri Wicaksono says:

Woii itu bukan kessie tpi mecin LOL

Abraham Ba says:

and james ???

Yan DeRose says:

I just found your channel today when I was searching for an AC Milan youtuber channel. You're doing a very GREAT work. Thank you man,bless up and forza Milan !?⚫️

Moses Njenga says:

Again,how do you write the word 'appearances?'

abdul ghofur says:

moratta ia suck

Hello It Me says:

You've put Michael Essien's picture instead of Franck Kessie's, good video non the less.

Izdeglavec 24 says:

Why Morata is a piece of shit?

Picco Stanislav says:

yup..MORATA is a piece of fuckin shit..!!!

E Muji Krismaneo says:

forza MILAN…

Itachi Uchiha says:

Morata saying Rubentus is my first home and then he celebrated like crazy?

Classified says:

Why Essien there lol

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