Hachim Mastour vs Real Madrid • 30/12/14 [HD]

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Marykate Jalo says:

there mad because we kick there ass

Marykate Jalo says:

fuck off haters you will see 

Olli Järvinen says:

The fact that someone made this video doesn't mean he sucks…
He's 16 for gods sake and has tons of time to improve. You think he wasn't nervous in that giant stadium? I'm not saying he's gonna become a legend but saying he sucks based on this video is idiotic and shows that you don't know shit about football.

Leon says:

so he did nothing. amazing skills right there


Welcome to Real Madrid 🙂

SeeADiamond westengen says:


Abraham Rodríguez says:

it's bad, it's a normal player at his age, I do not see anything to be a star, another player overrated by the media, ????

PES 2013 2015/2016 says:

tanta clase que tiene ese jugador es para k el milan le diera mas minutos en cada partido

Laiza mont says:

hachim mastour > neymar

Cloud says:

He didn't do anything. He sucks. Really Bad. I'm sure that 90% OF PEOPLE WHO LIKES THE VID are from Marocco :3 There Millions of YOUNG players better than him .. HE SUCKS 

Geremias Garcia says:

Wathafuck ???? Deslike this video of MIERDA….

Ritchie Rich says:

This kid at 16, already has sponsorships from Red Bull and Nike. Try doing that at 16.

Kenan Sadhu says:

Nothing fancy, but who are we to complain. Thanks for uploading

Victor Baldovi says:

The most amazing that I see in my life. Mastour Ballon D'eur

Balraj Kullar says:

That was so gay

Crazyx says:

Amazing game from Mastour lol

sharkyman26 says:

good job, keep uploading mastour please

hilsil says:

Is that it?

bbfourlive says:

why bother make this video -__-

Yaaan ows says:

better than ronaldo 😮

Alexfilmz says:

He sucks dick he will be a massive flop

GangThePker says:


Max Mejia says:

Wow my dream right there ??

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