Latest Transfer News: Bonucci to Juventus, Higuain to AC Milan and more

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Tonyyail28 818 says:

That wasn’t the swap, With bonucci !!!
I’ve heard ac Milan own bonucci still 2023 contract!! Higuain is a loan to buy clause for Milan. Of course it’s a loan and Milan can buy him!!

Nyan Lin Htet says:

Plz,upload Mahrez-tactical profile bro ??? !

Minh Tran Duc says:

TBO is a bitch!

Joy Horta says:

Real Madrid have a good goalkeeper in navas, why do they want courtois,
Courtois is simply being a prick and not making any decisions costing Chelsea

Ádám Gál says:

Great video mate! <3

Bonke Beekay says:

any news about Pulisic

Gianfranco Romero Vial says:

Looks like the told guy wants to leave for sure, let him go CFC we just want players who loves the club not that bullshit

Tarik Metović says:

Vidal Barca

Yaska JR says:

Max Meyer is a free agent

Ben Solo says:

What a twist in the Courtois move

Karmen Smyth says:

No courtois! Dont leave chelsea please!

Venkatesh G says:

Yerry Mina to Manchester United. I am calling it.
United want a CB.
Probable targets – Alderveireld has told Spurs he is coming to London for training so no Alder.
Maguire bid rejected by LCFC. United also cooled interest now since too high.
Mina is available in market for 25M£.
Hence Mina to Utd very high probability by this Weekend.

Fadli _ says:

Only 360p ?

GTZ 15 says:

Moreeeeee plz

Paul Oluwasegun says:

i love your vids

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