Man Utd vs Real Madrid 2-1 Highlights 2018

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Man Utd vs Real Madrid 2-1 Highlights 2018

By FootballMinds

Manchester United 2-1 Real Madrid: MANCHESTER UNITED will take on Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup in Miami.

Jose Mourinho’s side face Real Madrid after showdowns with Liverpool, AC Milan, San Jose Earthquakes and Club America in the pre-season tournament.

Give United credit for converting on two chances.

Give Real credit for signing Vinicius Jr., a player who’ll make many a La Liga game worth watching this fall.


Ralph Fi says:

Obviously there are a lot of stupidos who think no Ronaldo no Real Madrid. Just losing doesn't mean they played absolutely shit. For the most part they played well but still couldn't score the goals needed. Bad luck.
And what are people worried about? There are stilll a basket full of good players in the Real team. Fans just overthink that Real Madrid is dependent on Ronaldo. Truth is that fans become dependent and the team stays true to their focus which is building a good team not relying on 1 player.

Alexander Varela says:

FootballMinds That Picture You Have For The Channel Logo is From Shawn Froste??? I Wait Your Answer Crack

MAX Mobiel says:

No cr7 . No goal

z Ollie says:

i support man u and when the final whistle blew me and my brother and mam where screaming whith joy. my dad well he was a tottenham supporter


The new manager is destroying madrid

Raisa Haryono says:

Keren #sanches???

ROBBANZ. says:

United for ever ??…. real aint shit without Ronaldo

brian Orina says:

Like or hate,i dont care,with all the beasts in the pitch,,no epl team can beat real madrid and barcelona,,,

Michał says:

Real Madrid is no longer so strong when there is no Ronaldo

Robert Evarist says:

Manchester United forever

Jan Wizzarak says:

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Wildan Erianto says:

MU selalu yg terbaik, hancurkan yg menghadang d depan

Дилшод Мухамедов says:

Реал без Роналдо никто

Дилшод Мухамедов says:

Реал без Роналдо никто

Dear Mantan says:

Gogo Man.Utd

Joseph Adam says:

No casimiro,isco,marcelo

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