Cristiano Ronaldo vs Abate ( Milan – Real Madrid 3-11-2010 )

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cristiano acting (again) !!


Gabriel La Manna U Bares says:

giusto un pagliaccio del genere poteva andare alla rubentus

Tidus says:

inspiration neymar

rossonero a vita says:


Jaydeep Roy says:

That is why Messi is better player than Ronaldo.

RedDragon2000 says:

Barking Dog ( Gatusso) Seldom Bites ……….When Ronaldo Stand Up gattuso get back …. Lion Is One In Field Don't Mess with It …. Btw Pepe wasn't There ….

extincti fugax hominum says:

A pussy boy and a hard man wannabe…

Pava L'originale says:

Ahahahahahahhah!! Femmina

Airfabio says:

What a pussy cheater!!! I hate him. And they keep giving him golden balls!!! Fucking Uefa.

adrian syah says:

ronaldo yg kena leher yg km pegang muka..katro

Sam says:

Oh Nooooooooooo Penaldo ???

Bharat Limbu says:

Gatusso be like: ok I got this bitch…get up u modarfucker…???

A.Fernández says:

Por favor Gattuso, mata a esa puta niña pequeña y teatrera, qué vergüenza de jugador por dios. El madridismo y su señorío jajaja , el señorío se fue con Raúl mongolos

Rich Pythagoras says:

I laughed my ass off when he put his hands on his face and fell into the ground…. That's some hollywood acting level shit right there.

rogersevers123 says:

1.00 to 1.07 keeps cracking me up!

prof feathers says:

more ronaldo haters more ronaldo moneyyyyy.. lmaoo

TROCRi 9 says:

Cr7 the best

mukesh murali says:

amazing actor cr7 ,

kave shadowlf says:

Penaldo pussy actor

Dario Sanchez says:

No debe ser fácil enfrentarse cuerpo a cuerpo a Abate es un muro y tampoco es fácil correr a la par de CR7 no es para cualquiera por estas cosas me gusta el fútbol

Israel Rodrigo Celiz Caero says:

Ronaldo fagot

brandkmeister0 says:

Ronaldo is a pussy

ac milan says:


Abhimanyu Shah says:

lots of Pessi fans here barking lol …..ur Ass on fire right …..see whether Pessi has again announced his retirement or not

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