Penalties Barcelona 3-1 AC Milan 25-08-2010

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Gamper Cup 2010
Friendly Match


Toyib bobotoh says:

bola di mana

Jeancarlos Rodriguez says:

La verdad que barca siempre a sido el mejor

MasHal Media says:

FCB 2010 great ??

Vito Dolgov says:

♡ronaldinho and pinto♡

حسونہ تاج راسگ says:

اول عربي ???

emerick ndong says:

allez barca

Chol Mayiik says:

good work valdes

Nguyên Nguyễn says:

A ay nhu mot thien than bog da

los crast meza chsvez says:

Parese tonto el portero de el barcelona


love you F.C.B

Aggelos alousi says:

Noub leonel Mëse

Crazy family Bou Dib says:

The guy was talking Arabic

FootBall Fan says:

low quality

Troy Ferris says:

hattrick penalty save…

Vuvu Mzondi says:

World not would

Street Struck says:

2:42 God football

Rudi 2007 says:

FC Barcelona

Kula Dhakal says:

Messi is the best player

Andre Sihotang says:

Pinto was moving during Pirlo's turn. I don't think it will be allowed on the World Cup or other Cups/Leagues

Bufalo Republicano says:

Pinto balón d' or

Josemanuel Alvarez marin says:

Olee tedente

Oona Y says:

i love how puyol and ronaldinho are just chatting <3

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