Liverpool vs AC Milan Champions League Final 2005 HQ

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2004–05 UEFA Champions League Final Between Liverpool and AC Milan

The match ended in a 3-3 draw and Liverpool won 3–2 on penalties

Credits to simoanfield!


dwi bali says:

When i wacth this match on monocrom tv… i still 2th class at senior high scool

Rivaldi MCL says:

I need the original video which with sigur ros song

Irfan Taufik says:

Last i see this video is amazing. Now why with the sounds?

Selcuk Yılmaz says:

Dudek saved this match

sea kelly says:

Great night it was

gerard henry says:

The kop don’t give up

จตุรงค์ พุทธจรรยา says:

ดูทีไร น้ำตาไหลทุกที

Kevin Davies says:

Istanbul the biggest fluke by far ever in football history

leeanjin yingsiri says:

We love liverpool FanclubThailand

Budiawanùo llaalpRzaharjo says:

Dudek is the best

Thomas Duna says:

I'm milanisti.
Respect for this moment. YNWA

jassim alserkal says:

Of all the videos on that famous night, this one just captures the feeling and imagination like no other. I was getting ready for a business trip to Switzerland on Friday and you can imagine how the trip went ??✌️? one night in a life time and am so happy my team won it YNWA LFC

Roni Patina says:

hiks hiks iam cry hiks because no sond huaaaaa

Nguyễn Đăng Vỹ says:

nổi da gà

Zitchuk Fanai says:

Remember all those KOP,,,,,,,, YNWA

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