28 May 2003 – Juve v AC Milan: Dida And Serginho’s Commentary of The Penalty Shoot-Out

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The two Brazilians relive the night at the Old Trafford that crowned the Rossoneri Champions of Europe for the sixth time

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marco volpacchio says:

Serginho: E a casa….?grande

Johnny Quiroga says:

La scuadra piú bella del mondo

SebitheGamer 12 says:

Raga Dida sembra mbappe

Pirro80 says:


zMrdavi 3000x says:

Siamo stati bravi quell anno!
Fanculo i gobbi

Lhee Ariez says:

Cafu n Serginho the legend?⚫

Mr995pippo says:

Mamma mia Dida quanto era forte in quegli anni

Nicholas Angotti says:

Sempre forza Milan

DeesideGDX says:

Ne voglio vedere piu di questi video

Francesco Trosino says:

Ho ancora paura che Sheva sbagli…

Max Payne says:

Montero's pen should have been repeated

Max Payne says:

Il rigore decisivo fu quello di montero, da ripetere assolutamente…

Chef Ace says:

Ve vui ben CAMPIONI miei!

papankzidane says:

Legend ❤️

grimmjow jaegerjaquez says:

taye taiwo borini montolivo kalinic

فاطمة بنت بلال says:

What a treat to watch the reactions of these legends, those were the days ❤ Thanks for the English subtitles! Sempre Milan, Forza!

Il Forlini says:

Ridi bastardo ridiiiiiiii.

Youcef Almanzor says:

ميلان كان ناقصه شوية من حظ الريال و زيدان حاليا ليفوز بالكأس 4 مرات متتالية

Cristin Babu says:

Quanto mi mancate ?

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