Fifa 15 – AC Milan Player Faces

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AC Milan Player Faces on the Xbox One!

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Tutus Thomson says:

Il pazzi!! Pazzini ragazi for upload the video

Francesco Fahd says:

the thing i dont understand is why fucking fifa made milan look like stars and inter STILL looks shit. i mean both the teams suck equally

Lorenzo Graziani says:


Elia Carretta says:


Elia Carretta says:


M RM says:


Onarashin The Peppers' Daddy says:

the black ones look totally off. and the white ones are missing some color/facial expression

Pa3k C says:

still no real face for Poli…

bosniancevap says:

Muntari looks like a fish……….

MnMLRadu says:

They look perfect. Thank you for the video

Hari Enun says:

Tottenham Hotspur please

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