AC MILAN VS BARCELONA (1-1) (Champions League Highlights 2013) 22/10/13

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Don J & Don G go head to head on FIFA with AC Milan Vs Barcelona, corresponding with the Champions League fixture played on Wednesday 28th March 2012. The Don’s continue their special Champions League feature on CodFellas, with all the goals and action from the match. Todays light hearted topic looks back at some of the worst haircuts past and present to ever grace the field


Mo Jo says:

4-0 hahaahha

Mohammed Asif says:

Fuck Off Uefolona

antonio Mairena says:

hijos de puta

Emi Cotonat says:

altos apartos xD

Ilarion Betisor says:

pffffff …. illussion xD

Kemal Buljubasic says:

messi is the best player

Palik Palik says:

That was redicalios… FUNNY! 😀

Hebinda pun says:

fuck you assholes, you mother fuckers fellas you shitless whores…. fuck fuck fuck you durty muslims fuking fellasssssssssssss……

AccaLads says:

likey or no likey???

AccaLads says:

thanks man sub if u want more vids

AccaLads says:

lol welcome to the mafia 😉

Racer4eva says:

You are FUCKING dons.

AccaLads says:

appreciate it

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