AC Milan vs Manchester United 1-1 (8-9 Pen.) Extended Match Highlights – 25/07/2018 HD

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EmadjMusicOfficial says:

sempre forza inter

charisGR says:

Mourinho please go!

fujima4kenji says:

They like "What the hell is this? When this will end?" LOLOL the penalty shout out was hilarious and exciting! That young keeper from MU is amazing! Nice game! lt was intense!

Jane Harrison says:

Manchester united best in the world

Michał Ćwikliński says:

Where are lukaku?

Gâu Gâu says:

Where's De gea

Uthman Zubair says:

I want to know if the last penalty is intentional.

Vincent Laurensius says:

Reina is absolute MADLAD???

Bon Genio says:

Gattusso asked Mou mama that we are the remaining, we can take penalties to decide the result!!!

MMObeast says:

there's no stars left in M.United , what happened tho


Kessie worst penalty of all time

predator0082 says:

good reina !! donnarumma loser !!!

Ghassan Alasady says:

مباراة الحراس ??

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