Alex Ferguson switches at Jonny Evans

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AC Milan 2-3 Man Utd: fergie switches at evans for slacking in defence aka fergies hairdryer


Ciaran McCullough says:

Fergie is the godfather of football

jagrit Nahata says:

The best part is that United just Scored then and this is the next clip which was shown after the goal.

Yas S says:

I thought only Jose had a go at young players. They need a bollocking sometime and if they can't handle it and improve, they are not cut out to play for United.

Moe. CWWII says:

Lol but Sir Alex made him a man after all!

The Chubby Brown Bear says:

Sir Alex Ferguson we miss you . Please come back !

Raja Singh says:

He ruled that club with an iron fist. Will always be a legend!!

Simon Hobden says:

Wish Wenger would do this to Mustafi

HackerMan YT says:

Got the best out of his players

Light 106 year says:

And how long did Johnny Evans last after that , not long , because he was a hot headed spitting car thieving scumbag also accused of raping a girl at the Manchester United Christmas party 2007

extincti fugax hominum says:

"If you can't get your shit together now, i will fuck you off to Northern Ireland at half-time."

Henry Logman says:

If Jose done this now he would be bullying his players .

Rey Navarra says:

i remember watching this game with my father,i was happy dinho scores first until suddenly boom 3-2 rooney

MemoryLaneCinema says:

stupid. the second part is copy paste. that rant was not aimed at a manu-player

Scott Lakey says:

God we miss fergie.the arse kicker

EN4ORC3R says:

Ronaldhino just passing by casually…

array s says:

And they say Jose is a bully for doing the same to Luke Shaw.

Khaled Miah says:

I love him man? he's our don corlione

Waseem K says:

Fucking wake up before you get slapped

Santino Rocco says:

Man Arsenal fan here but man do I miss that chewing gum
Eating red face Fergie hahaha

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