FIFA 14 vs PES 14 Head to Head Faces (3 angles view) | AC Milan | HD 1080p

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Awesome PS3 Games says:

both of them win

qasim khan says:


Raja Aiman says:

For me :PES Graphics N Champion League…FIFA:Gameplay N Ultimate Team..So Many Like FIFA Then Pes ..I Like FIFA ..PES 2012 ANDROID IS SO BAD HATE ..FIFA 12,14 N 15 IN ANDROID IS GOOD ..But the problem is error connection ..FIFA BETTER

Alvaro Carreton says:

The hair on FIFA is much better than PES

BecomeALiV3 says:

1:01 whtf that diffrence?!?!

FUCHS says:

The Shaarawy of PES looks awesome :O

Zed Baria says:

fifa 14 have best hair cut 

harrison mbari says:

fifa the best,pes look like dolls….the hairstyles are not updated…but i gotta admit the bale looks really gooood…..together with benzema.

Alex DaCosta says:

All of the pes players look the same lol

Calum Henderson says:

FIFA is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better than PES!!!! Thats 63 0s if i counted correctly

Toni Cambrea says:

Io ho sia pes 14 che fifa 14. Balotelli di pes è identico e anche quello di fifa. Ce da dire che fifa sta migliorando anche sui volti. Prendete vidal di fifa 13 e vidal di fifa 14 (sulla stessa piattaforma in cui giocate ps3 o xbox) vedrete un gran miglioramento. Comunque fifa e molto meglio di pes nel gioco

Harry Sanderson says:

Why all ac Milan

Nadia Ferreira says:

fifa 14 ganha de lavada no pes agente joga com robos

Kwame Adu says:

PES Players look like evil clones

monkeypolicd says:

Haha wtf pes

João Gabriel says:


Cainan Reis says:

Bye 😉

Sebastian Moya says:

Gana fifa 14

YBC says:

Fifa's well better

Sharon Trovato says:


Ricardo Mossa says:

El Shaarawy en pes fue a un peluquero de dos euros xDD jahaha para mi equipo amado AC Milan es mil y una vez mejor en fifa que en pes

callum mchugh says:

You can tell the developers of pes used the same character design engine LMFAO

zZGermanZz LP says:


rewhigg11 says:

PES Jersey collier is on point… faces…not so much

AnKlav Ich says:

балотелли совсем как в реале

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