Let’s Play FIFA 06 Soccer: AC Milan vs Juve

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Two of Italy’s top team go head to head, AC Milan vs Juve in FIFA 06.


Ddd Fff says:

graphics del piero goal

Ddd Fff says:

FIFA 2007is better than


pls say the key to select team in pc

Gilmar Banguera says:

le están dando duro jaja

Dwayne k27ism says:

You suck at FIFA

fırat Yüksel says:

abi açtım gördüm senin gözünü mal niçim anlatıyosu

Heitor Chapman says:


Paulo Henrinque says:

ey joger fifw 6

Dicky Ardian says:

Can you share fifa 06 at google drive?

Lachie Toogood says:

Dem boys be playing with your mind son

Rupam Mitra says:

can you provide thee download link

Aayush Giri says:

Can u give me the fifa 06 download link plzzzz
M Aayush 

unknown user says:

you suck at fifa

the Zh1 says:

what ha goll

The Tech Loft says:

well…i played, FIFA 94, FIFA 97, FIFA 99, FIFA 06, FIFA 08, FIFA 13…..i agree, I liked 06, Don't know if I have a favourite…scoring just got tougher for as the games progressed. 🙂

Ehshan Ul-Haq says:

Not all of them no, I played every game from 2001 to 2013. So actually I think it's the best Fifa game I played.
But what's your favorite?

The Tech Loft says:

yah, you think so? you've tried them all?

Ehshan Ul-Haq says:

best fifa ever

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