AC Milan vs Manchester United 3-0 – UCL 2006/2007 – Highlights (English Commetnary)

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Cristhian Diaz says:

Callense alv

EscobarGames XXX says:

How can black soccer players live in Italy? they are very racist

سلطان الجهني says:

Why maldini didnt play?

kevin omino says:

Okocha Vs italy

Joe Price says:

Commentator is clearly a retard, how on Earth was scholes’ header offside?

Mister Nick says:

Van der sar,Maldini,inzaghi…. Very nice players

ralfy silva gomes says:

Que Milan… hoje é apenas um time esquecido. Parou no tempo, igual ao Vasco! Mas continuam gigantes…

Dhirshan Gobind says:

KAKA and CR7 joined forces at Madrid not too long after.

andrea vito says:

We were so strong at these times and kaka  was unbelievable that year! miss these players….

Antonio fonceca says:

Kaka >>>>>>>>> Gaymar

Walter 86 says:

Quando gattuso non ha fatto vedere palla a cr7!!

Hafizur Rahman says:


Takyi Kobbie says:

Just praying for Messi and Ronaldo to retire football wud return to its natural state… They made Spanish teams soo powerful
Football wud be balanced again

Debo says:

The night when Gattuso completely demolished, neutralized C. Ronaldo in his prime!

Danial Tabumi says:

3:54 that face from vidic ?????

LIKE -D says:

I miss KAKA ?

Aspen Cat says:

I was There!!!!!!

Joenio Gomes says:

Timaço esse do milan

Best Tutorials says:

and look at Milan now.

TAAHA says:

Seedrof was always beast.

sanpaul92 says:

боже вот были времена забитый сан сиро , дида,кака,пирло,зейдорф,инзаги,гатузо,вандер сар, гигз, как же я скучаю (((

c. kaafi says:

Alberto gilardino
What a legends

TheTaylalima says:

Caralho até hoje arrepia de ver esse milan em campo pena ver esse gigante adormecido por tanto tempo… um time onde até seus reservas eram craques de alto nível

MS says:

Kaka was never same after leaving Milan.

John Galt says:

Seedorf-Pirlo-Gattuso midfield would boss any midfield today still

Don Rodrigo says:

Saudades desse tempo

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