Ac Milan vs juventus (3-0) (2009-2010) HD stars farewell match

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milan under leonardo coaching ,, defeat the weak juve ,, in the last match of dida and favalli .


Soe Kokohtet says:


Homeboi LingLing says:

Leonardo had the best attack!!! He could have been a great coach but he sucks at defense

Saleh says:

Thank you Seedorf
that's fantastic Milan

Jorge Torres says:

ac milan campione per sempre 3-0

TUBO18 says:

Buona prestazione di Delpiro, ma il Milan ha vinto perché Borriglio aveva una marcia in più.

Cranjis McBasketball says:

Ronaldinhoooo uwooo uwooooooooo ???

Diego Bena says:

Uooo uooooooouu

N F L says:


Moh. Aris says:

Last match for hero and legend..

Rafael Abbasov says:

wheres the God? Zlatan!

John Kennedy Ekene says:

Our academy and development managers made a huge mistake, when they let all these powerful guys grow old, making very less effort to replace them, instead, selling off the ones that could have helped us. That was why we suffered hell after they left, we've been in hell for 4 straight years, after winning the scudetto in 2011. However, we are back !!!!!. Forza Milan.

Naiem Hussen says:

What a game

Edogalletz says:

Uoooooo. uooooooooooooooooo

Emil Elizade says:

fantastic game

Shandy Gunawan says:

For me,AC Milan v Juventus is the Real Derby of Italy

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