AC Milan vs. Manchester United 2:3 Highlights and Goals – 16.02. Champions League

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AC Milan vs. Manchester United Champions League – Free Watch Live Sport Streaming + 3000 TV Chanels


Jemmy Napako says:

Idiot effect

Dipo Balida says:

This video teachs me that we shouldn't always use effects to make a great video.

Kovalenko says:

This video made me puke

ncg1952 says:

Impossible to watch.

lolipedofin says:

Am I supposed to be impressed by the effect?

Alekkese says:

Worst video ever. I have headache.

pogisansmooth says:

Hope u dont make videos, for a living…

Durud Miah says:

Need to stop with the special effects barely could tell if there was a goal

Martin Bridge says:

Worst edit ever.

howieboy62032914 says:

Jesus – could anyone fuck up a highlights video any more than this?

Rizal, Muhammad says:

awwwww my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haider Nawaz says:

What's going on

morichita says:

Que video tan malo es mas malo que el hambre y la peores efectos especiales del mundo no hay peor video que este es malísimo al diablo el video

daquan94 says:

whats with all the security camera effects :O, ridiculous

Yo! I'm LEKTOAN says:

I hate This Video Oh!!! dizzy

Nehru Nagalingam says:

One of the worst editing skills I've ever seen…

Verma says:

This guy should be editing hollywood movies, exceptional editing skills.

jonathan zapata says:

tus pinches efectos mierderos .l. ni dejan ver bn ctm

Hisham Gharib says:

wow video total lost it's value

ridwan putra says:


Sam Heedy says:

This is what ppl taking LSD would watch

rossano rossi says:

it's is a shit video

Kastriiotz says:

familjen ta qifsha far vido ka ba tkillaft motren nworr

mustseido says:

ur problem is u thought ur self the best uploader but u r wrong!!the worst video of the month

michele soranno says:

non si capisce un cazzo

Son of Man says:

Horrible video

almoutref says:

Ur video suck

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