YNWA – Athens – Champions League Final 2007 – Liverpool v AC Milan

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YNWA – Athens – Champions League Final 2007 – Liverpool v AC Milan


Keelan Mahony says:

Makes the hairs stand up on the back of me neck

Andrew Inwood says:

Fuckin awesome. Swfc fan

lee van cleef says:

We'res the Real Madrid fans???. Plastic cunts

renzo fer says:


Ruby Lee says:

How can they lose easily the refs all paid up by the UEFA all paid up by Latinos that's how.

Bruno Souza says:

KYIV 2018 ?

Ijul StudeTroy says:

Ynwa Liverpool Fans 🙂 🙁 ::)((::

danieljamesmead says:

And then we went on to win it for the 6th time. Happy memories.

Gary Broad says:

In my humble opinion, this is the very best YNWA ever – I was on the top balc in the ground and cried my eyes out….As Redders says "a special club, a special club". Spot-on Jamie. YNWA g

Giannis Batziolas Γιάννης Μπατζιόλας says:

Love this, my dream sight us Liverpool fans Spion Kop 1906 (Kopites) singing YNWA in my country Greece in a Champions League Final, just bloody wish we won and lifted the cup in my Country then it would of been complete!

Moh Salah says:

Fuck i wish i was there

Moh Salah says:

17,000? No chance

Jordan H says:

Come on liverpool✊?

Alex Chronis says:

love athens love Greece

MrDokha says:

Now when Liverpool sing they cut to a cheeky bet365 advert inbetween, fucking sick of it.

Kieron Dhindsa says:

how can they lose and then they lost????

Dhiaz23 says:

I think liverpool was better in 2007 than 2005 but i dunno how they can win ucl in 2005
but lose in 2007

rishab darbari says:

and then they lost…

Esteban Serra says:

the best crowd in Football history!!!!

Diego A. Quiñones says:

Was that a Texas flag? Haha h-town hold it down

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