Manuel Rui Costa (Ac Milan 2001-2006)

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Dvd Hall Of Fame 2012.
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Benamar Nabil Benamar says:

Baila la Portuguesa!

Federico Di Giacomo says:

Rivaldo goooool forza milan

邱俊松 says:


Pericles Jones says:

That amazing pass to Shev over Real Madrid was perfect… i became great his fã then that match! Milan misses him a lot!

João Pedro Ramos says:

Génio!!! il Maestro!

tyojinzzz says:


Giorgio Molteni says:

E comunque, ti adoro, Manuel Rui Cesar Costa.

Giorgio Molteni says:

Mi viene da piangere

MAartina Gentile says:

Classe immensa

Carlos Sanchez says:

eterno rui costa. gracias por todo

Tuan Hieu Tran says:

The last true classic No.10…

utama yadi says:

Inzaghi 100% striker, Rui Costa 100% Playmaker

Gino Depri says:

Uno degli unici uomini seri e veri nel calcio.più andiamo avanti più fighetti ridicolici ci saranno.grande rui

Mayank Srivastava says:

I don't why they hail Figo that much this guy was better

Wiilka Reer Cigalle TV says:

Pass master ??

Yusuf Hardiansyah says:

i think , he plays like zidane. elegant and skillfull, i always remember his socks.

Afran H. says:

The good old days

treqqqq says:

Last of the great trequartistas

Helder Filipe says:

miss players like him,zidane, raquelme, beckam, kaka,fabregas at arsenal,etc,,,now you only have one pure midfield number 10 player: modric

Subscribed says:

I swear this man had glue on his feet that ball controll and that passing ability

conni70 says:

Portugal produces incredible players..and the fact that it's a small nation makes it even more amazing..

TrueOgre says:

che piedino ragazzi…..

preto& branco says:

O melhor jogador de sempre a assistir os companheiros para golo, grande Rui, o maestro!!..

Suli X says:

when 1 assist are so important like 1 goal… now we only talk about who make goals…

Macnelly00 Ti to says:


andre10tube says:

adesso i nostri numeri 10 sono boateng e honda =( =( =( =(

Everlasting Cvnt says:

well liked or not, the last 3 classic playmakers wore Michael Laudrup, Zidane and Rui Costa, many people dont know this, expecially non-Portuguese people, Rui Costa signed for Fiorentina because Benfica was bankrupt, he was going to Barça to replace Laudrup cuz he moved to Real Madrid, but Fiorentina offered more money to Benfica, if he hade moved to Barça that year, he would be one of the best players in the world, especially with cruiff as a coach,$2012_10_01_08_02_00_728657.jpg

Kappa Kappa says:

wtf… when u look back at this Milan team… Just WOW. costa,Pirlo inzaghi gatuso… Just WOW

Terry Lu says:

I miss this Milan very much,,,,Rui Costa, top No.10

Alcatraz93 says:

No vabbbbe ragazzi… Non c e storia cazzo!

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