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Gianluca Lapadula is set to sign with AC Milan! Gio comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumors.

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Zanaki Pierre-Louis says:

i hope pjaca signs for milan

Zanaki Pierre-Louis says:

great signing by Milan wonder full

OfficialKrazyKrew says:

I would like to see Pjaca at milan, from what i've heard and seen he is a very promising player. However we must do everything in our control to keep Niang. We can't let all the hard work we've put in to developing him go to waste, especially after he finally started to look really good last season.

Riaka says:

Good news to be honest
But our squad isn't bad
But it's weirdly inconsistent
We hope for the best

Hussy Nassr says:

How likely are we to get sold now ?

Palmita Boi says:

So apparently franco vazquez is going to west brom in england…

Gabriel Munta says:

Great signing, people need to stop complaining.. Like seriously some people can never be satisfied.. You should be happy that the money from El Shaarawy was actually used..

Man Van Staal says:

If there was a position where we didn't need a new player, it is the striker position. But hey, if he's good, we'll profit of it. If not, he'll be like most Milan players.

yaya bojang says:

yes is a good news for our teams becouse we need a strika who use to score goals

Salvatore Fazio - Totodelitto72 says:

Gianluca è fortissimo e non a caso segnato 30 gol e portato il pescara in serie A , ottimo colpo ma non basta dobbiamo rinforzare il centrocampo soprattutto. FORZA MILAN

kollu99 says:

I am hopeful, but I also have to stay realistic… how well is he going to perform against high quality defenses in the Serie A

Daniel's Opinion says:

never heard of this lapadola player, i hope he does well for milan

Ultras Milan TV says:

Galliani and the club want to sell Carlos Bacca (in particular West Ham wants him) for take much money, instead of selling shit players like those that we have in the team. Galliani is a fucking incompetent. Saluti amico.

Ottavio Breviglieri says:

Speriamo di vendere bacca menez e Luiz Adriano

Till Moritz Vater says:

i am just as suprised as you are but i think lapadula means definetly no ibra and maybe even no bacca. i would rather loose luiz adriano and menez. but i think at least LA will stay.
pjaca would be great, but please milan keep niang.


I would love to see this Milan

Calabria. Romagnoli. Mustaf. Ant.

Kucka. Mauri. Kovacic

Sansone. Lapadula. Jese

Diego Ochebiri says:

wait Gio is Milan trying to use the 4-3-1-2 again after it failed us on multiple occasion I mean with the players we have the 4-4-2 is amazing that was what Mijhalovic(can't spell his name sorry)used when we went through that unbeaten run what are ur thoughts???

Ottavio Breviglieri says:

Gio quale sarà la coppia di attacco? contando gli obbiettivi di mercato

Salvatore Aiello says:

i Think Milan did a good thing

Alftedo Benjamin says:

AC Milan needs to go for Lavezzi.
I'm telling you Mourinho is gonna sell those dutch player's, which is Blind and Memphis Depay. Gio your club needs to go for these quality underrated Man United stars to change the image of AC Milan, because I would like to see AC Milan come 3rd in the Serie A this new season and I think that these signings has that capabilities to reach that objective!

DRV13 says:

Hey Gio. Can't believe Milan actually beat some clubs to a signing. $10 million could be a bit of a steal. I have watched this guy many times. 27 goals in Serie B – 0 penalties. 11 assists. Very physically strong for his height. I think he could be the Italian Jamie Vardy. Hopefully its just the beginning of Milan' transfer campaign. I would love for Bacca to go to PSG and we get Verratti in exchange. Let ItalMilan commence! 4-3-1-2 Donnarumma-Calabria-Izzo?-Romagnoli-Antonelli-Verratti-Baselli-Bonaventura-Vazquez-Lapadula-Pavoletti.

Chethas Shiva says:

i saw some videos of vazquez i think if he was playing in premier league he would have cost more than 50 million

Anthony says:

For anyone wondering the Chinese have the ok for the signing. Personally think amazing signing not to sure about the Croatian

realmaco1 says:

iam soo excited for Lapadula! I kind of see him as the Italian jamie vardy! and pjaca is very good and looks promising. and I heard Milan will hijack ibrahimovic from Manchester which would absolutely make dreams come true. imagine lapadula and IBRA strike force with kovacic and pjaca controlling the midfield! to me this is mindblowing tbh

Yuk. says:

shocking is that they paid +8 mill. I mean like seriously ?

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