Liverpool VS AC Milan 2005 Champions League Final

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pics of the greatest final ever


eleonora maioli says:


Kacper Wołczyński says:

Dudek is hero! 4-ever Poland!

Tschanky95 says:

they never win this again

Joel Williams says:

half the comments are about man united…

Stjepan Latic says:

greatest final ever, for sure

SchwarzundWeis says:

my mother was so sad cause liverpool was down 0:3 she wanted them atleast to score one goal

at the end my mother was sad for milan cause they lost after leading 0:3 😀 gotta love my mom and liverpool!

Naza Jutrz says:

every fan must see

l00072878 says:

Yikes alot of dislikes

Reapz Monroe says:

@pollutioncry86 prick

Reapz Monroe says:

@lukeandjack im a liverpool fan kid good luck with your ambition hope to one day be seeing you scoring kop end dreams sometimes do come true

ReTaRdAtIoNiSbLaTaNt says:

@lukeandjack blud up there ur b shot/stabbed before nx week!! Good luck……….

serafim mota oliveira junior says:

He did not win the world lost to São Paulo (Brazil)

teamdriveradrian says:

@lukeandjack i´m from spain and my dream is play for the Liverpool F.C. and the Hercules C.F. (Liga BBVA)

mr jinks says:

@zzzaaa09900 LMAO who had 5 put past them

HMQ says:

Christ he's put "Roy Orbinson" in the credits. Sloppy.

Joe Gates says:

@imbo8w Follow your dreams. Never let anyone convince you they won't come true because you'll never know unless you try.

Mike M says:

@Bayang007 speak english

donie900 says:

@dcvbhtrdf Because We're Liverpool Football Club!.

Glenn Hurlstone says:

im a leeds fan , and i hav to say you liverpool fans are immense ! , its a shame cos ur teams gd uve got a few glory supporters tho

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