Andrea Pirlo vs Real Madrid — UCL 2009/2010 (480p)

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Real Madrid vs AC Milan (2-3) – UCL 2009/2010 – All Goals


2D games play says:

Sdds de quando o Milan colocavas terror nos rivais "mas sei q um dia ira volta aos auges

Enrique says:

Casillas sucked

Syd Rashid says:

Pirlo &pato monsters

Aman K. says:

Good Job Casillas, you jackass!

Diego Maciel says:

Ultimo gramde time do milan

rafael arry says:

Andrea Pirlo

Jonathan Perez says:

These commentators are clutch in making this video that much better

Adriano Milano says:

Grande Pato!

utama yadi says:

Milan is great only when they have one good talent playmaker

miguel stalin magdaniel montes says:

Este era el milan de verdad

Epio Padula says:

Kaka ist stark

Руслан Чарута says:

Вратари конечно ужасно отыграли

Rolando Lucero says:

Cristiano watchin to the master

the blue mars says:

Pirlo celebrated the goal like it was a training match

TheAgente009 says:

Com Pirlo, Pato e Ronaldinho ninguém vencer

Tris Matu says:

I remember when Pato was better than Benzema

The Inspiration says:

I thought Milan was playing well, and then i saw Ronaldo on the stand.
Lucky day for them cause that year Ronaldo was in his absolute best.
He would have done lot more damage.

Naizon Mara says:

Cr was out there …lucky milan

Manish Kumar says:

Legendary AC Milan!!

Robert the Best says:

Yo pensaba que los robos del madrid eran solo de ahora con un descaro increíble que todos lo hemos visto las finales que ah robado y muchos partidos , y en estos tiempos no era la excepción tambn robaba pero un poco más discreto aunqe no siempre les alcanzaba,

magical football says:

Shit Casillas and dida Lmao ??

Fatih Kilinc says:

the last a couple of years that Milan was still dominating the Europe.

형용정 says:

park park park
park pirlo park
park park park
Ji sung Park>>>>>>Pirlo

manfre says:

Maybe worst madrid ever

William C says:

Hmmm..what's worse?
This 1:13 mistake or Ulreich's mistake vs Real?

ralfy silva gomes says:

Pirlo = Good

Bryan Red says:

Es catalán?

Bastian Silva says:

Pato = Ac milan = buenos tiempos

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