Lol, AC Milan ask for Cristiano Ronaldo… | Serie A Transfer News

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Is there any chance in the world Cr7 can go to Milan?

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TC Just TC says:

You won't know if you don't try… full marks for trying though… forza milan

pattibjee says:

There is plenty betters options then Cristian's Ronaldo for Ac Milan Martial from ManUtd will be way better option younger quicker or Lucas from PSG

zack bellini says:

Balls? ma che sei scemo? don't get u really…………..are u a Milanista or an Interista?

Ehab A.Ali says:

Milan needs to sell all the players they just bought to get Ronaldo ?, I wish it would happen but that's all it is a wish

Ehab A.Ali says:

Me and Marco have the same thinking ?, Keita Balde playing style is more closer to Inter than Juve, I believe in Schick more he suits Juve a lot

Anthony Barrese says:

I agree with Mike, I think it's happening! LOL

Samuel Adamo says:

anyone els notice at 10:47 when Marco accidentally refers to AC Milan as "you" when speaking to Marco? LOL #MikeTheMilanFan

Aniket Dessai says:

Ronaldo to Milan and Messi to Inter and it would be very fun to watch. Not today but maybe after two more seasons maybe they'd have revenues to make those purchases.

Gary Bartlett says:

Have Milan not heard of financial fair play? It's all gonna come back and bite them in the ass for sure, Forza Inter.

Robertas Kar says:

ronaldo to milan,messi to inter next season

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