David Beckham’s return to Old Trafford – United vs AC Milan

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David Beckham’s return to Old Trafford – United vs AC Milan, UEFA Champions League 1st round knockout 2nd leg, 10th March 2010

“There’s only one David Beckham”
“Fergie, sign him up!”


조재훈 says:

그와중에 박지성 피를로 따라다니네 ㅋㅋ

OzzyOscy says:

You're the only person here saying it was "shoot" and not booing, because you're the only one here who didn't see the match.


Artek Te says:

LOL it was "shoooooot" not "boooo"

Tommy Boy says:

How come no comments? I love the booing and amazing respect for Becks.

RommyTDWGabil says:

United fan cheering at him because
1. former MU, great contribution
2. they won 4-0

Jeremy van Winklehock says:

It was a joke. A bit of fun.

mackayroy says:

есть лишь две 7 в памяти фанатов юнайтед – Кантона и Бекс !!!

Constantine says:

I was there!

rzaglufka says:


Ben Walker says:

@rullzwn4ever basically just banter between the fans and him

Amr Muhammad says:

can someone tell me y becks is booed on his first touch??

Satheesh Corleone says:

ronaldo like beckham would get a great reception.

IAMSD7 says:

ronaldo was sold because he wanted to go, if he wanted to stay then he would not of been sold

dj .p says:

Ronaldo was sold for the money because the club need it to pay off the debt caused by those yank cunts loading debt onto the club, bleeding the club dry of money and using it to fund their failed empty shopping malls in the US.

nbmufc94 says:

Where are full highlights for this game!"?

lukealandrummond says:

You wot…Ronaldo's name is the second most sung name at Old Trafford behind Ole

farQuhar85 says:

Ronaldo isn't hated at all by united supporters…the opposite is the case.
did you watch any united game in the past. we're still chanting ronaldos name…

Satheesh Corleone says:

We don't hate Ronaldo. We hate Tevez, and John Terry (but that's for other reasons like being a cunt).

tidyboy4 says:

Agreed! You can hear Ronaldo songs every match (almost). I miss them both!! As and old school united fan i would love them back in the future.. maybe Ronaldo sometime..who knows!:) Glory glory!

gurkan gur says:

Fans sing for him ? What do they say ?

AttackMyClone says:

This kind of makes me sad. Thankfully there won't be a time when Paul Scholes comes back in anything other than United's colour.

danutd94 says:

It's hilarious how all these twats just say "glory hunters" when there are more United fans in Manchester than City fans and Liverpool have more season-ticket holders from outside the city than any other club.

chaser2k4 says:

I was just to the right of whoever recorded this.

Marius Møller says:

both becks and ronaldo is welcome back to old trafford any time, if its for another team ok but i think both would be accepted back in the ranks.. Hope Ronaldo comes back when he hits around the 30 mark.

Davi Bezerra says:

video massa

Football And Fifa says:

Ronaldo loved United. He had achieved every trophy possible. He wanted to move to Madrid to fullfill his childhood dream,

rimmka29 says:

i think there is a big diference between Becks and C.Ronaldo. Beckham's dream team is Manchester United and C.Ronaldo's Real Madrid. that's it. Beckham always loved MU and probably wished to play for MU untill retiring. He is TRUE RED DEVIL!!! and C.Ronaldo just jumped on the opportunity, had pretty good time in MU. nothing bad, however his heart, soul and thoughts were about other club. And BECKHAM'S HEART and SOUL FOREVER OURS!!! so gyus WE MUSTN'T MIX THEM!

Nando Bose says:

@fszron yeah.. so is your mom

Rickoshay says:

@raoulhery because ronaldo fucked us over in the world cup? ronaldo wanted to leave beckham was forced out

marie dudley says:

@raoulhery because beckham played for england after and they did well with him as captin and the fans love him for that.

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