Manchester United vs AC Milan 4-0 All Goals & Highlights UCL (2009)

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Manchester United FC marched into the last eight of the UEFA Champions League in emphatic fashion with a 4-0 victory against AC Milan.

Leading 3-2 after the first leg, Sir Alex Ferguson’s side tightened their grip on the tie with Wayne Rooney’s 13th-minute header before extinguishing Milan’s hopes altogether after the restart. Rooney again and then Park Ji-Sung and Darren Fletcher scored to round off a 7-2 aggregate triumph.

The Rossoneri had beaten United in the clubs’ four previous two-legged European contests, most recently in 2007 when they overturned a 3-2 first-leg deficit with a handsome 3-0 win at San Siro. Yet a similar comeback at Old Trafford always looked a mountainous task and so it proved, Milan having no answer to the pace, power and purpose of the home side.


Eric Cantona says:

5:28 Pogba could never

Shteno says:

This was a revenge by Man-Utd, for the elimination from the AC Milan in the previous season (I'm just not sure whether it was 1/2 finals, or – more likely – 1/4 finals), when it was 3-2 at Old Trafford for Man-Utd & then 3-0 for AC Milan, at San Siro, in the 2nd leg!

And although I'm a long time (ever since I was a little rascal , in 1992) & hardcore Milan aficionado, I'm also an objective person, and I gotta admit that Man-Utd were BETTER THAN US that season (which we watch in the video above) & they deserved everything that followed for them (I believe it was an UCL final in Rome, against Barca).

Thus, I'll say that I TRULY & MOST HONESTLY HOPE that both of our teams will find their true selves again, and we'll watch them in UCL (playing an important role, not just being participants, the way Man-Utd ARE both of these last 2 years that are playing in it. Last year they were extremely lucky, and got a group with teams that had a quality of the Europa League, and that's how they went through in the 1/16 finals (the KO stage). But there, once they came upon their 1st serious rival thusfar, Sevilla (and if we're real & honest, we must stress that Sevilla is far from the level of teams like Rectum Madrid, Rubentus, Bayern M., the Barca faggots, etc…), and we all saw what happened!

What I'm trying to say, is that hopefully, in a year or two (maybe even three, especially regarding my Milan) we'll watch Man-Utd & AC Milan playing breathtaking matches in the KO stage of the UCL once more, just as they used to. And (maybe even more importantly – when it comes to our pride and personal glory), they'll put aside teams like (in England) Tottenham, those gypsies, Man-City (for whom, along with the Arsenal FC – last season, it was PROVEN that they were lying about their average attendance, up to increible 9+K ppl per matchday. And it all went 'unnoticed' by the English football authorities, simply put it under the rug…) & a few others! And for AC Milan, and Italy, in Serie A ( objectively, the 2nd best league, before LaLiga – and not from THIS SEASON AHEAD, BUT AT LEAST 2 consecutive YEARS NOW- which could be seen by numerous parameters, but that's not a subject for now & here), I hope that we won't have any more problems with teams like Lazio, Roma, even Atalanta, or Sampdoria, who are making extraordinary teams for 3 or 4 years in a row now, especially when you come to think that each summer, they're making profits of at least 70-80 millions, just from selling players, and yet, each year, they manage to create great squad, that'll be highly competitive and aim high on the table in and Europe! Remember what happened to Everton last season (in both legs), when they played Atalanta?! And Everton spent almost 100 mil. on reinforcement, while Atalanta spent 'only" 40-45 mil, and sold for 115 mil, last summer alone. So do the math!).

THE POINT IS! PPL! ALL TRUE FOOTBALL AFICIONADOS, each and every one who loves his/her team and knows just how much history & tradition it has (both domestically, and in European competitions)… In other words, I mean and refer (APPEAL) to all fans who support a (real) football club, LET'S UNITE IN OUR WISH TO WATCH TEAMS LIKE Man-Utd, AC Milan and a few others, going back to the top again, and forget about those "new elite football teams", like PSG & Man-City, owned by the gypsies (I DON'T CARE IF YOU CALL ME RACIST, XENOPHOBE OR ANYTHING ELSE, 'CAUSE I'M NOT! These – truthful – words are coming as a result of my anger, and I feel they're justified, given the way 'they' behave & what they did in the world of football. And that's a typical gypsy behavior!) who have money coming to them from their neverending resources, coming from the ground. Which is why it's absolutely no problem for them to throw it away like it's nothing, make insane transfers, give huuuuge wages to mediocre footballers, and with it, ruining the football! They'd managed to create an atmosphere where it's all about the money, and put that idea inside the footballers' heads, that the most important thing is to have individually the best numbers, and MAKE THE BIGGEST WAGES! And that's simply sad. I can't tell you how good I felt when I learned that De Rossi, from AS Roma, who used to make between 6.5 & 7 mil per year in his club only till couple of years ago, agreed to play this season (and possibly the next one) for 'only' 1.5 million (rejecting the offers from China, with a wage of 10+ mil), just because he's aware that he's 35, 36 yr-old now, and he's not on the level he used to be, only a few years back!

P.S. A;sp, don't you think that it was sooo convenient for Man-City & PSG, that UEFA (MAFIA) came up with their FFP (financial fair play) policy in 2012, right after those two clubs spent around a billion euros each, in a matter of only a few years?! Afterwards, other teams, like FC Inter (I'm taking about our 'shitty' neighbours, just as an example, that fits perfectly in the point I'm trying to make), who also have owners with legitimate money (tons of it – but made & created them with hard work, not by selling something that comes in your 'backyard', and it's practically 'God's gift', making your product to be LITERALLY 99% PROFIT, no matter what the price would be), but can't spend it 'easily' (this year's L. Modric example was the best portray of that situation. Inter had the money, they could buy him for whatever sum Rectum Madrid asks, but weren't allowed to do it, because of the FFP), because of those UEFA's FFP rules?! And yet, even after FFP, PSG still spent more than 400 million in one summer alone, but they weren't fined! How come?!
Don't you find that to be awfully convenient for these two teams (imagine just how many millions they're putting in the pockets of the UEFA's executives!)?! I certainly do…


Wi Wi says:


Rizky Rizky says:

Ji sung marking and off ball running is amazing

dan mac says:

fletcher was mint this season in the prem an champions league

woyne shoh says:

watching man utd game play under mourinho so hurt. it make me sad

Eduardo N says:

Volta Milan. um dos maiores italiano.

Мигелло Альбертович says:

милан старый просто

Danu Sadewa says:

gua kangen sama MU yang dulu

ltkn 02 says:


Son Pramey says:

WOW!! Man utd looks so strong under Ferguson!!!

Stivi Bani says:

Back when rooney was world class

Jijun Zha says:

Man Utd owned Milan

Krumme Lanke says:

that fletcher celebration was the best

Rommy Gabil says:

Gary Neville 2 assists & beautiful crosses. MOTM!

Saux Saux says:

Amazing Valencia is still playing today.

cwaddle says:

Wtf? BEckham is playing? For AC Milan??

Willie Martinez says:

antonio valencia entre todos esos monstruos que suerte antonio

Sanskar Baral says:

subscribe if u think Manchester United is the best club in the world.?

soo susu says:

4분10초에 나니패스 지렷다……

Mo Kro says:

Herrera brought me here

Ryon Fagon says:

I miss these day?

Luffy Senpai says:

back when rooney was the 3rd best in the world and best striker in the ever

Hanna Asaad says:

that on 2011 not 2009

Barney says:

that Nani outside of the right pass was disgusting

Pjesozwierz says:

sorry for my bad english

Pjesozwierz says:

who was a coach of Milan in this match ?

Shaquille Blidgen says:

beautiful cross by Nani

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