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Finally win the title! Last time i’m playing with real madrid. I’ve picked up PSG so hopefully will try and win the title with them 🙂



Edwin Costalnsa says:

Ugly record

Damn Jev says:

are that ps3 or xbox?

Brandur says:

Liverpool still shit 😛

SaitamaEgg says:

bull shit i've won the league title with Liverpool and i beat Ivory Coast.

luisTHC says:

I've played 55 seasons, around 400 matches, about 10 seasons in 1st div, I'm ranked around 35,000 in the world of almost 2 million players (xbox), I'm a 5 star ranked player, and I have never win the League Title!!!!

My little brother has played about 20 seasons and he has won 4 titles.. I feel I'm getting old..

Ryan Atkins says:

Doesn't seem like this is quite division 1. Seems like I could play at this level and I'm only div 4.

goungoun2 says:

your fucking retarded…..real madrid just won liga bbva, semi finals in champions league and your saying they're not good enough to be at that level on fifa?? your fucking gay

timik86 says:

real madrid pussy

É Silada says:

Its so funny people complaining against Madrid when you have Manchester C, even more, when they put 3 attackers whatever the damn teams they play. I mean, they cant play using 1 or 2 attackers because all they know its to 1-2 with L1 LOL

chris Carey says:

hope fifa 13 is more balanced and real are not so much better then every other team,

chris Carey says:

well done you can win with a superhuman mardid team, i hate having to play against real 7/10 when i am arsenal in div 1 just because they have been made why to gud i normally have double the shorts on goal and double the amount on target and score 1-2 goals yet real have 4 shoots and score 3, players like u make this game a joke… still have not won lge 1 but have finished with 19 points 3 times : (

LexToob says:

I keep yo-yoing between Division 1 and 2. So frustrating. xD

16Whu says:

its such an anti climax winning the league. you play so many games to get there, and when you finally win after blood sweat and tears, you get the shittiest celebrations, nothing with the cup and a shite commentary about it. Like if you agree

tom clare says:

In div 1 using Ivory Coast, Drogba, Doumbia, Gervinho, Kalou, Toure's etc quality team and you only get put against dog shit teams!!

-Lazer GB says:

Im in divison 1 be cameroon Eto'o is all you need hes a BEAST!

LamboK28992 says:

@Danwood2007 i just made it to div 1…you definitely need lob through balls…just take chances on lead passes and work on dribbling as posession is huge. you don't need any fancy moves besides the berbaspin and roulette.

Dean Hili says:

@Danwood2007 im in division 1 and use aerial through balls alot. depends on who you got doing the runs, i use man united and hernandez, nani, valencia, young are all very fast and can do damage with aerial through balls. one piece of advice i can give is using pass and go alot and move the ball in atacking positions with as few touches as possible

Daniel Wood says:

interesting to see neither players use aerial through balls. Being in division 1, do you think they are a bad idea generally? I'm stuck in division 3 and can't seem to move up, any advice?

irGuilty says:

Nice man, it would be nice to see a manger mode from you probably on legendary difficulty

Eliteking2306 says:

Thumbs up to that 3rd goal u scored 😀 nice team play man

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