Liverpool VS AC Milan 2005(UEFA Champions League Final)

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This is one of the greatest match ever…… and I’ve uploaded it cuz liverpool has not been playing that good from a couple of seasons(hope they will play like this soon…)

Although I am a UNITED fan, I still want liverpool to play good….. But of course I want the cup in united’s hands…..



bon john says:

Actually Milan is an disgrace to Italian football everywhere

Marius Jonassen says:

I saw this incredible match when i was 11 , and i started to be a Liverpool fan.

Cheen Thantanan says:

wanna cryyyyy <3

iAbhishek _official says:

next year ac milan tears liverpool……..

Tomislav Mikulcic says:


Tristan Cox says:

no champions league final will ever compare to the epicness of this one

Stejflaj says:

Jerzy Dudek !!

Alejandro Silva says:

i wish i could of seen this live but i was only 10 years old

rybolfc says:

Fucking incredible! <3

Kristopher George Panayi says:

that is all

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