AC Milan – Book Of My Memories

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AC Milan in 4 minutes showing the best moment and memories abou them ..
By: Jassim (Gourcuff_2008) .. Enjoy!


Hm Games says:

بصراحة اهنيك

Januar Ferry says:

I'm cryinggg 🙁

Selfish_Android says:

That Rossonero feeling still lives in Abate, Ambro and El Sharawy, by the way i almost cry , i fucking love this team.

Neymar Da Boateng says:

my body was like DRRRRRRRRR that was a very beatiful video dont give up milan now you are just not good enough but then then… is comin a time when barcelona or real madrid is going to be like this AC MILANN <3 <3 <3 il club piu titolato al mondo FOORRZZZZAAA

genckee says:

is there any special thanks for SHEVA …SEEDORF ,GATTUSO ,NESTA ,DIDA ??

ForzaACMilanXD says:

This Deserv More Views

jamescrowther1234 says:

fantastic video

Mentor Gashi says:

good job Gourcuff2008..! I like this video..!
FORZA Gourcuff2008..! FORZA MILAN..!

Grzegorz Lewczuk says:

damn!! I'm addicted to this video

messinow says:

Forza Milan!!!

milaaany says:

ابداع في ابداع
وااااصل ولا تحرمنا

عبدالوهاب says:

It is very great clip about the grand milan
the world and europe championship
I very very thank you for adding this clip
I fell so proud with my best football team all over the world go go Milan,Forza MiLaN
thanks again Mr.Gourcuff2008 .. all best wishes for Milan to win the euro champions league..I love you rossonere

Carlos Champa says:

excelent video

Jonathan Pace says:

hey man, whats the two first songs called? i cant see cuz its too bright.
love it well done
5/5 + Favourite 😉

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