Manchester United vs AC Milan LIVE Stream Watchalong

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Manchester United vs AC Milan match reaction Join in on our Man United live stream as United kick of the ICC Champions cup against AC Milan. SUBSCRIBE here

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Danny Judah says:

ANDREI PEREIRA The Baller. He is Just a Delight to Watch. His Slick Accurate Passing, Vision, Dribbling, Tackling, Strength, Pace, What Have You. He is Definitely Our Future.

Rob Ryno says:


"Why is Fosu-Mensah taking another penalty?" ???

Rosmeli Balabarca says:

Hey Mark are you doing any Manchester United kit giveaways anytime soon? If you are I’d like the home GK kit with Grant’s name and number. Thanks!

Man Utd Lists says:

Much improved performance after the last 2 games. Well done lads

Mad Gamer says:

Transfer window – only 15 days left. We are f*cked

mark rycroft says:

i think the players what played last season will gell together better this new season and we will go one better and i think we will sign another defender this season i would like to see another striker as well

Liam T says:

Tbh it's acually really worrying watching us on this tour we look all over the place it's shocking

BORN RED says:


Steady Woodward says:

Bus parking against the scousers in a BIG way

Craig Melville says:

Scott McTomminy had 15 appearances in the premiere league last season Mark

BORN RED says:


Craig Melville says:

If you do watch Young play he’s getting a rough time, but Young does prefer to cross with his right but he also crosses with his left and the crosses are normally good

Ben Josh says:


Just Gentz says:

Typical Jose not bringing on Gomes or Chong I was looking forward to seeing them but then why should I be suprised

Just Gentz says:

The empty seats are because of Jose Mourinho giving negative things and his boring football don’t interest fans

Carlos Bandeira says:

Wow I guess it’s because it’s early in the morning but cmon you are so negative mate, fosu not starting is not the end of the world, mourinho knows what he’s doing.

CloutGod says:

Why would you watch a watchalong lol

Springtrap Lover2010 says:

I think Pereira is playing CDM thanks to Carrick, they are very similar players in there vision and forward thinking passes.

biggy3rd says:

The slightest bit of pressure we hoof the ball upfield straight away.

Joey the red Devil says:

Come on united

Garry Howe says:

We have crap defense

theallstarbunny says:

Mark have a shave you bum ?

Omar Spence says:

Mark you sound as dull as mous tactics

Chris Tarr says:


Chris Tarr says:

Game is on ESPN AS WELL

Duoi Biar Jr says:


Kay A says:

Somehow got knocked out of chat don’t know why

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