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Gallo in Milano?

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Eprida Yanti says:

belotti cocok bangat main di AC Milan?️


I won't support ac Milan anymore until he will be in the squad

FifaCent says:

Forza milan!!

Ehab A.Ali says:

what if the reason for Bellotti signing with Milan is because he wants Bonucci's son to enjoy him & his dad to be in the same team? ?

Also there was some talk about Modric going to Milan and as we all know Modric was a Milan fan, what if that happens? ?

Charlie Wright says:

Why did Di Canio say that? All you have to do is look at the amount of silverware both teams have won since the turn of the millennium and he's right

Samp says:

Bring him on board would be crazy to have a Free kick specialist Samp hasn't had one for a while now.

Juventus Italy says:

Hi Marco! My 9 year old would love to see his heroes! If you know what hotel Juve is staying at please let me kow


do you guys think milan sign renato sanches

BL 7games says:

Sokratis is better than manalas

ACampa says:

ITS NOT HAPPENING. 1 name cairo. the fans will cut his throat if he sells him. I will put my life on this. He is not leaving.

Saddam Hussein says:

The guy with a black t-shirt sounds clueless and doesn't add much into the conversation. Get guys who are energetic and have atleast self esteem.

C Power says:

i like the end of the video marco, i think you should definitely be messing with mikes head right now.
Hes happy with every piece of news that isnt about juve

Lorcan Sharry says:

martial is going to inter, bs reports

Lorcan Sharry says:

Milan could offer locatelli on a loan deal for the belotti deal.

Zafirul Rahi says:

how about Zlatan

Lorcan Sharry says:

could Renato sanches be replacing locatelli?

isaiah mcdonald says:

more news on smaller clubs… please

Donato Rizzo says:

11k iscritti wow, bravi ragazzi

Fuu Sama says:

so locatelli thinks he will get more playing time in juve? definition of a stupid kid, i feel like if he went, juve fans will be like HAHA! we got our revenge… and milan fans would be like (sarcastically) oh no, not locatelli, please take bonucci back, anyone but locatelli

MrDuncanquasar says:

Maybe because Di Canio is a turd?


Ok we need memes for Milan. They're buying everything.

Brandon Donini says:

Breaking News: Milan isn't selling Locatelli<3

Adem7 Gurung says:

Biglia may have had been nervous seeing so many fan's and spoke the wrong words 😀

Kian says:

Locatelli thing is bullshit.

Lucurous says:

fixed focus?

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