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Italian Football TV says:

10:06 who pulled it off better ?

Shteno says:

Guys, from what I've seen (and heard from you, many, many times) so far, your numerous comments about Chinese taking over of some Serie A club, this time it's Fiorentina (and other teams, when that was the subject), it seems that you really don't understand things – or rather, have a very tunneled vision, only seeing the money, without thinking too much about what kind of an impact so many Chinese takeovers would have on Serie A! Besides the Milano teams, they also own Parma, and have many shares in two other teams (at least). So, are we gonna convert Serie A into a Chinese league? There are many other ways of making a club productive and profitable, increase its revenue, etc. Especially for a team like Fiorentina, with such a rich history, big fanbase…

So, try to expand your view – there are many other potential investors besides the Chinese – Russians, Americans, dometic, even Arabs etc, etc..anyone with lots of money and a true will to invest (the way we see happening in PSG and Man-City – from local & mediocre teams, the Arabs turned them into the elite clubs of Europe. (So far, I hadn't see the Chinese doing something similar in Inter!, although they owned it for 2 or maybe 3 years now)) The league should have diverse ownership, since it's not Italian – not turning it into a Chinese protectorate, or a football enclave!

Just look at Napoli's example with De Laurentiis! Although (I wrote about this) eventually he'll need to take some powerful corporation (or something similar) as partners, if he wants to compete with the strongest European clubs, still, he's a great example how a domestic investor can convert a Serie C team (at the moment when he took over Napoli) into one of the best Italian teams, potential Scudetto winners, and regular UCL contestants, and turn the annual revenue to about 250 million euros. Now, given the place where Fiorentina is, a domestic investor could do the same! The most important thing at this moment would be to create a competitive team again, and continue working on the new stadium project – which should've begin with the groundworks next year! 'Cause the new and modern stadiums, owned by the teams (most important) is the weakest spot of the Italian football and clubs. Thus, each team that starts that process of building a new stadium, MUST COMPLETE IT! And in a case of a takeover, this subject should be included in the negotiations, as something that MUST BE DONE!

When we're at this subject, I really don't understand what are the Inter's Chinese owners waiting for, and why don't they start building a new stadium for Inter, as we've been hearing for years, and years now – and seen so many projects as potential new Inter stadium. They have the money, they're all aware that it'll do many great things for the team – mainly financially, and finally, they'll stop sharing San Siro with Milan, who, in such a case, will have an opportunity to buy out San Siro from the city, and become their true & only owners, as they were initially – till the 1930's, when they were forced to sell it to the local government.

Both Inter and Milan will profit a lot from having their own separate stadiums, but obviously, the Italian bureaucracy is the biggest obstacle for all teams, to build new stadiums – no one knows that better than Pallota and De Laurentiis, who's been trying to buy out San Paolo, or build a completely new stadium for Napoli for many years, but with no success. And in the case of Roma…well, we all know that this season they should've open the new stadium. But, because of the bureaucracy & corruption in Italy, the real question is whether it'll be build at all – anytime. If you'd heard Pallota lately, he threatened to live Roma for good, exactly because of this endless mind-fucking the locals are giving him, over the new stadium – constantly asking for new and new things, and not giving him the permission to begin building! And that's shameful!

C. Ranieri was talking about this problem in a recent interview I've read, asking the question – "Why is it that we, in Italy, are the only ones who can't build new stadiums. We see big investments in the clubs, but not in the infrastructure – which is the worst in all of the big leagues. Just look at some countries and their leagues, that used to be far behind us, like Poland, Russia, Turkey…Now they all have much better and modern stadiums for their teams, unlike ours, in Italy, that are playing on outdated stadiums, and with 3 or 4 exceptions, none of them are owned by the clubs! Why is this happening only in Italy?"

The answer was the same, as I've mentioned above. I'm from the Balkans, an area in Europe that has a reputation of being corrupted, but obviously we can't even hold water to the Italians. If Roma & Napoli were Balkan teams – no matter which country in specific – they would have had their stadiums by now. But in Italy, it's impossible! What a pity! Instead of seeing both Roma and Lazio playing on their own stadiums, watch Napoli facing the best European teams in a modern, strictly football arena, we watch them playing and sharing old athletic stadiums for so many years. And in a case of Lazio and Roma, many years ago, they both had their own, strictly football venues, but it all changed after Italy hosted the world cup in 1990 – when they all shot themselves in the foot, with those athletic tracks, that were a pre-condition to get the money fopr building or renovation from the World Athletic Federation (or the Italian, it doesn't matter). But that's in the past! By now, Italy should've host a new World Cup or at Euro – just look at France and Germany…

Luckily the quality of the game is increasing a lot these years, and Serie A is on the right track to become the strongest and most competitive league in the World again (or to share the 1st spot with England), but if they don't do something with the stadiums, the progress will go far slower! People don't wanna go on old stadiums, where they'll feel insecure about their kids and themselves, and have nothing to do in the half time! And as a result of it, we'll continue to watch half empty stadiums, and that has an impact on the TV rights as well!

I really don't know what will it take to make the Italian authorities wake up that they need to change things and help their football clubs develop more, 'cause everyone will benefit from it!

Amato Ciciretti says:


Nathan Velardi says:

Reject any deals for Dybala he's a jewel⚫️⚪️

RobinTheRubeFan says:

It's funny how Milan have Chinese Owners and their mercato is known as " strengthening the team" and when others do the same with ITALIAN owners, it's known as " buying the title". .

Aniket Dessai says:

I don't think Ferrero is as crazy as he looks. Sampdoria always have a pretty good squad despite any sales they make and his managers are also top of the line.

ashutosh john says:

ibra back in seRIE A will help in fifa 18

marsroma says:

Really cool guys ⚽️??⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️? so glad I found your channel , keep up the great work

Fuu Sama says:

hellas verona for the no 6 position with that trio…

JON Caushaj says:

Ibra, belotti, auba or kaliniç? Which would be ideal for Milan in your oppinion?

Eltouny tactics التوني تكتيك says:

Ibra will not be !00% until maybe Jan because his critical injury, so I think Milan should loan Costa from Altetico after he signs for them. Then, Costa will go back to Spain and thn sign Ibra or sign both of them make Ibra play like 35 to 45 minutes and Costa be number one until the fully recovery of Ibra

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