When Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho met for the first time

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Real Madrid – AC Milan 2-0 | Uefa Champions League (Group Stage) | 2010-11.

Music : 1. RedMoon feat. Jonny Rose – Only Us [NCS Uplifting Release]
2. RetroVision – Puzzle [NCS Release]


Luke Brian says:

The Day Neymar Made Lionel Messi Angry
Check it out !!!

Yash Sookdharry says:

There's no angry intention there he just dived in late you fucking retard

Dillzzy says:

I love how it has Ronaldinho in he title but there is only like 1 clip of him

Thi Nguyen says:

ronaldinho is the true legend:)

Matrixx X says:

Ronaldinho best player ever way better than cr7

B.B B.B says:

Mother fuck CR7



trevor campbell says:

Bullshit video

livan Dodson says:

Yeh clickbate didn't give any credit to ronaldiniho and…I never saw ronoldiniho guard him only during the beginning so…This was basically all a video about ronaldo

G N K F O R E V E R says:

Ozil and Khedira were never good players to me, they were only handed good opportunities

Brandon Opiopio says:

Should be called highlights of Ronaldo first meeting ronaldinho.-

Jasneth Campbell-Murdock says:

the filming is bad

YonI says:

Penaldo always falling and they have tge nerve to talk about neymar at least his small CRY/7 is a muscle bound man also weak lol

Teddy Fyah says:

Why put the looser music on . just put no music instead of annoying people with bad music, now your videos won't be clicked on

Mel Cotton says:

Can you make the footage a bit more SHIT please, you must of been pissed.. ps it’s fucking boring just saying ?

Rami Ghazzawi says:

Only thing ronaldinho knew was the love for the ball

johnperry91 says:

The Day I Fucked Your Mother

Perry Ferry says:

What's up with all these soccer videos with cappy music?

Geo89 says:

What are they trying to say cr7 was or he’s better than Ronaldinho ???? man even himself know he’s not and will never reach Ronaldinho level. Lol ?

shawn ng says:

0.38 cry for penalty. His the best

Pinku Ahad says:

Cr7 respect all past footballers but they don't…

Zach P says:

Everybody please dislike this shit.

kevin lomeli says:

Wow you can’t even see what’s happening on most of the clips lol

R 98 says:

I Stopped This Shit As Soon As the Music Started, smfh

Powerwheelz says:

Terrible music..check
Random footage….check
Misleading title…check

Why does this video have so many likes??

Amaan Khan says:

Most of the action is not even visible because it’s outside the screen

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